Don't-Miss Camcorder Stories

Sony HDR-CX12

The Sony HDR-CX12 has so much potential—great image quality, manual control, and great extras—that are marred by serious shortfalls—camera dock requirement, lack of external audio in, and no progressive modes. If you can get over these, you’ll enjoy the HDR-CX12.

Review: Flip MinoHD

The latest Flip Mino shoots in 720p HD. It's a sleek and easy to operate camcorder, but it doesn't measure up to Kodak's Zi6.

Kodak Zi6

The mini camcorder market is heating up. Kodak's new HD-capable device is an impressive offering and is a definite contender amongst camcorders such as Pure Digital's Flip Ultra and Flip Mino.

Review: Sanyo Xacti HD1010

The Sanyo Xacti HD1010 is a charming little device. Its HD video comes close to the quality produced by full-sized consumer HD camcorders, and its still photos are good enough to replace a no-frills point-and-shoot digital still camera.

Review: JVC Everio GZ-HD5

JVC’s Everio GZ-HD5 is a digital camcorder that uses three charge-coupled devices (CCDs) to record high-definition video to its built-in 60GB hard drive. The quality of the video captured on the GZ-HD5 was decent (though we’ve seen better), and the quirky methods necessary to transfer the video to your Mac are far from elegant.

Review: Flip Mino

Although the video quality produced by the Flip Mino is anything but pristine, this affordable and useful camera—with its go-anywhere, shirt-pocket convenience and simple operation—could turn out to be one of your favorite gadgets.

Review: Canon Vixia HF10

The HF10’s impressive video quality and ease of use add up to a very good camcorder, especially given its size. If size is a consideration for you, the HF10 is the right tapeless camcorder.

Review: Sony HDR-SR11 Handycam

The HDR-SR11 HD camcorder is an easy choice for those wishing to jump on the tapeless bandwagon. Sony has all the bases covered: the camcorder is Mac-friendly, sports impressive video quality, and is elegantly designed.

Review: Canon Vixia HV30

In a world where consumer Mini DV camcorders are being phased out, the HV30 is easily a top choice. The camcorder’s impressive feature set and superb video quality should cater to both advanced and amateur video makers.

Canon PowerShot TX1

Despite Canon’s ambition to combine the best of two worlds, the PowerShot TX1 has few compelling advantages as a camcorder or a still camera. And its high price and awkward configuration for still photography are serious drawbacks.

JVC GR-D796 camcorder

The GR-D796 is a humble point-and-shoot camcorder equipped with a few advanced features that make it appealing. However, the performance of this camcorder, in terms of its video and still-image quality, leaves much to be desired.

Panasonic PV-GS320 camcorder

Compared with other 3-CCD MiniDV camcorders, the Panasonic PV-GS320 is a bargain. Despite some design quirks, the video performance and high-quality video and still shots make this camcorder a good choice.

Canon ZR850 camcorder

Though this camcorder’s image quality pales in comparison to other models we’ve tested, the ZR850 offers a fine assortment of features and capabilities for its price.