Don't-Miss Accessory Stories

Zegari Minimalist

The Minimalist is a well-designed, well-made laptop bag with lots of style; whether or not you like that style is bound to be the issue.

Newer Technology Portable Toolkit

Newer Technology's Portable Toolkit is an inexpensive way to make sure you have the right computer tools around; it also makes a great gift.

Clark & Mayfield Metro Express Laptop Tote Bag

If a grab-and-go tote is what you’re looking for and the style is to your liking, the Metro Express is a quality choice.

Targus Chill Mat for Mac

Targus's Chill Mat for Mac offers relief from too-hot-for-your-lap laptops.

Booq Mamba Pack

Booq's Mamba Pack offers lots of capacity and extra padding.

Review: Moshi Celesta keyboard

If you’re looking for a Mac-styled keyboard but you’re not a fan of Apple’s own, Moshi’s Celesta is a stylish and functional alternative, albeit one that doesn’t offer as many special keys or as much customization as some other keyboards we’ve tested.

Review: Visikey Wired Enhanced Visibility Internet Keyboard

VisiKey’s Wired Enhanced Visibility Internet Keyboard is unique among keyboards we’ve tested in that it’s designed for increased visibility. It also has a number of useful multimedia features and programmable buttons. However, the quality of its keys hampers an otherwise solid offering.

Review: Kinesis Freestyle Solo Keyboard for Mac

Kinesis' Freestyle Solo is a true ergonomic keyboard with a good design, multiple mounting options, and lots of useful, made-for-Mac features.

Review: Razer ProType keyboard

Razer's ProType is a unique keyboard that offers many specialized and programmable keys, as well as an integrated iPod dock. However, its size and system requirements may turn off some potential buyers.

Review: i-Rocks KR-6170M i-mini X-Slim keyboard

i-Rocks' KR-6170M i-mini X-Slim offers surprisingly good typing feel for such an inexpensive keyboard, but you do get what you pay for: it offers none of the special features and extra keys that are common these days, and it has some key-layout oddities that may frustrate touch typists.

Review: Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000

Microsoft’s small, attractive Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 is a competent wireless pointing device. If you’re running Windows on your Intel Mac, you might find it to be of more interest.

Laptop bags for the ladies

Today Mobile Mac covers two laptop bags designed with women in mind; one's a head turner and the other a back saver.

Review: Apple Keyboard and Wireless Keyboard

Provided you like its MacBook-like keys, Apple's wired Keyboard is a solid offering. But it's the smaller Wireless Keyboard that stands out from the crowd.