Don't-Miss Display Stories

Dell UltraSharp 1707FP LCD monitor

Budget-conscious display shoppers won’t be disappointed with this highly flexible 17-inch monitor. With its built-in USB hub, and very good text and color performance, you’ll be staying too close to the screen to notice the limited viewing angle.

Envision EN7450 display

The Envision EN7450 17-inch LCD monitor is fine for an inexpensive 17-inch display. Consider it if you’re, looking for a bargain-priced monitor to complement your Mac mini.

NEC MultiSync LCD1970VX

The NEC LCD 1970VX is a decent monitor with some nice features. But unless your eye is focused solely on the bottom line, you can find displays with better viewing angles and cleaner text for a few dollars more.

Samsung SyncMaster 204T

Though the picture looked a touch blue out of the box, just a bit of tweaking helped this display earn high marks on both color and text-quality tests. If you’re looking for a highly adjustable, mid-sized LCD, you should definitely consider the SyncMaster 204T.

Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW

Overall, the UltraSharp 2405FPW performed well. With its vast amount of screen space, plethora of connection options, built-in camera card reader, and 4-port USB hub, Dell’s display offers a ton of features at a very good value.

Westinghouse LCM-17w7

The Westinghouse LCM-17w7 is a wide-screen, 17-inch LCD display that has an attractive silver and white design and built-in speakers. But despite such impressive-sounding features, our review found this inexpensive display to be less than a gem.

Sony SDM-HS75P

Although it is short on bells and whistles, the HS75P/S is a good choice for people with limited desk space who are looking for a bright and shiny, well designed, and good performing display.

NEC MultiSync LCD1970NX

The NEC MultiSync LCD1970UX is a good fit for users who don’t mind tinkering with monitor settings a bit in order to get a good, moderately priced, general purpose display.

Sony SDM-HS95P/S

Although this display lacks some of the extra features found on other displays, the HS95P/S is a bright and shiny, well designed, and good performing display.

NEC MultiSync LCD2070NX

The NEC MultiSync LCD2070UX is a great choice for people looking for a moderately priced monitor with the ability to display bright, accurate colors.

NEC MultiSync LCD1770NX

Although it required a little tweaking to correctly calibrate its colors, the LCD1770NX, with its reasonable price and good performance, is a very good, general-purpose LCD display.

LaCie 321 LCD Monitor

The 321 LCD Monitor from LaCie is a bright, beautiful 21.3-inch LCD aimed at professionals willing to pay the price for accurate color.

AG Neovo M-17

The USB ports on the front of the AG Neovo M-17 are a nice touch, but the noisy speakers and color-uniformity problems at the top and bottom of the screen make it difficult to recommend.