Don't-Miss Display Stories

30-Inch Cinema HD Display

The enormous monitor backs up its awe-inspiring size and design with good, clear, and consistent performance.

23-Inch LCDs

The HP L2335 is our top pick in our round-up of 23-inch LCDs thanks to its very good performance in our jury tests and its outstanding value.

LG Flatron L1930

Despite calibration software that only works on Windows, this inexpensive 19-inch LCD offers solid performance for Mac users.

Samsung SyncMaster 213T

The SyncMaster 213T is a good choice for people who want a large LCD but have a mid-size budget.

Apple 20-inch Cinema Display

Apple’s 20-inch Cinema Display costs a bit more than other similarly-sized LCDs. But its slim aluminum case and great image quality give this display a wide appeal.

ViewSonic VP912b

Photo images really pop, thanks to the shiny coating on this 19-inch display from Viewsonic.

Sharp LL-T19D1-H

It won’t win any beauty awards, but this awkwardly named 19-inch display from Sharp offers solid on-screen performance.