Don't-Miss Display Stories

LG Flatron L1930

Despite calibration software that only works on Windows, this inexpensive 19-inch LCD offers solid performance for Mac users.

Samsung SyncMaster 213T

The SyncMaster 213T is a good choice for people who want a large LCD but have a mid-size budget.

Apple 20-inch Cinema Display

Apple’s 20-inch Cinema Display costs a bit more than other similarly-sized LCDs. But its slim aluminum case and great image quality give this display a wide appeal.

ViewSonic VP912b

Photo images really pop, thanks to the shiny coating on this 19-inch display from Viewsonic.

Sharp LL-T19D1-H

It won’t win any beauty awards, but this awkwardly named 19-inch display from Sharp offers solid on-screen performance.

Midsize Flat-Panel Displays

Seven New Models Brighten the Landscape

BenQ FP992

The FP992 from BenQ, at $670, is a reasonably priced, 19-inch LCD (1280x1024 dpi) monitor that features both analog and digital inputs. Its blue and silver case sports a slim bezel design and it can pivot from its standard landscape mode to portrait mode as long as your Mac supports the pivot feature.

Samsung SyncMaster 910T

At $600, this inexpensive 19-inch digital LCD display is a very good all-around performer with a very nice price. Our testing revealed viewing angles with no pronounced color shifts as well as very legible text, even at small point sizes. Using our standard Macworld Lab test images, the display’s colors appear accurate, though a little undersaturated. A bit surprising for a display with the highest contrast ratio we’ve ever seen.