Don't-Miss Display Stories

Sony DPF-D80

Sony’s DPF-D80 digital picture frame has nice image quality and slideshow features.

Transcend PF720

The Transcend PF720 is a great digital picture frame to have by your bed or sofa. It can display pictures, and you can use it like a personal media player for listening to the radio or your personal MP3 collection alongside slide shows or videos.

HP df820

With its real wood, double-matted, and glassed frame, HP’s df820 digital picture frame looks about as close to a traditional picture frame as you can get.

Ipevo Kaleido R7

The Kaleido R7 is an attractive frame for dwellings with décor that’s more modern than traditional.

Smartparts SPX8WF

As a basic frame, the SPX8WF works and the picture quality is satisfying. But the Windows-only features will have many users looking elsewhere.

Review: D-Link DSM-210

The DSM-210 has some good features, but a lot of compromises are made within those features. If all you want to do is simply display pictures, you should be able to find a 10-inch frame at a more affordable price.

Kodak EasyShare W1020

Kodak’s W1020 digital photo frame stands out thanks to its image quality.

Giant International Intouch IT7150

This digital picture frame is attractive and intuitive to use, but, has horrible audio quality.

Pandigital 10.4-inch Digital Photo Frame with PanTouch (PAN1002W02T)

Attractive frame has Wi-Fi support, but oddly, the required dongle is not included.

ViewSonic VG2427wm

The VG 2427wm is a good choice for users who need a big screen for text-intensive work.

HP 2009m

HP’s 2009m is an affordable 20-inch widescreen display that produced impressive image quality in our subjective tests.

ViewSonic VX2433wm

Those looking for an inexpensive 24-inch LCD display may be tempted by the ViewSonic VX2433wm’s sub-$300 price and impressive specifications. But the VX2433wm will suit only the easiest to please.

HP LP2475w

Bright, pleasing color, fast pixel response times and a flexible design make it easy to recommend the LP2475w.

Samsung SyncMaster 245T

The Samsung SyncMaster 245T is a 24-inch LCD with multiple inputs and a flexible design. And though washed out at default settings, a little tweaking helped the 245T score well in our on-screen tests.

Dell G2210

Dell has tapped into the current focus on the economy and the environment by producing the G2210, a 22-inch monitor designed for both the wallet- and green-conscious.