Don't-Miss Display Stories

ViewSonic VG2427wm

The VG 2427wm is a good choice for users who need a big screen for text-intensive work.

HP 2009m

HP’s 2009m is an affordable 20-inch widescreen display that produced impressive image quality in our subjective tests.

ViewSonic VX2433wm

Those looking for an inexpensive 24-inch LCD display may be tempted by the ViewSonic VX2433wm’s sub-$300 price and impressive specifications. But the VX2433wm will suit only the easiest to please.

HP LP2475w

Bright, pleasing color, fast pixel response times and a flexible design make it easy to recommend the LP2475w.

Samsung SyncMaster 245T

The Samsung SyncMaster 245T is a 24-inch LCD with multiple inputs and a flexible design. And though washed out at default settings, a little tweaking helped the 245T score well in our on-screen tests.

Dell G2210

Dell has tapped into the current focus on the economy and the environment by producing the G2210, a 22-inch monitor designed for both the wallet- and green-conscious.

HP LP2275w

When it comes to readable documents and vivid images, the HP LP2275w offers a no-frills display that's a good choice for users seeking a widescreen monitor that delivers the best of both worlds.

Review: Power Support MacBook Pro Anti-Glare Film

Can a film overlay reduce the glare on a new unibody MacBook Pro to the point where it’s acceptable to someone who dislikes glossy screens? Rob Griffiths attempts to find out with Power Support’s anti-glare offering for laptops.

Review: Apple LED Cinema Display

The LED Cinema Display represents many firsts for Apple, including the company’s first LED backlit stand-alone display and the first external display designed specifically for Apple laptops. Its lack of compatibility with other Macs is disappointing, but it’s a good fit for its limited target audience.

Review: NEC MultiSync 3090WQXi

NEC’s MultiSync 3090WQXi is a 30-inch wide-screen LCD monitor aimed at professionals whose work requires color accuracy.

Review: V7 D24W33

The V7 D24W33 is a pretty average display when it comes to performance. But with a below-average price and some nice features, this monitor will appeal to budget-conscious shoppers looking for a display that shows more than just spreadsheets and Web pages.

Review: ViewSonic VP2250wb

ViewSonic's VP2250wb is a fine, affordable multimedia and general-purpose display. But color professionals and those who often collaborate with co-workers may want to look elsewhere for a display with better viewing angles,

A stand for MacBook and monitor

The Ergotron Neo-Flex Combo Lift places your MacBook right next to your display when you're working at a desk.