Don't-Miss Headphone Stories

V-Moda Vibrato

The Vibrato, the successor to V-Moda's Vibe II, offers clear design improvements over the Vibe II, as well as over its V-Moda sibling, the Remix. It also bests the Remix when it comes to audio quality. However, the Vibe II, which sounds very similar, is still available from some retailers at a substantial discount over the Vibrato and may be a better value, even if it's missing a few of the Vibrato's features. You may also prefer some of our less-expensive favorites.

SteelSeries Siberia Neckband Headset

SteelSeries' Siberia Neckband is a solid attempt at providing a single headset for multiple activities, but that versatility isn’t enough to make up for poor sound isolation and comfort.

Thinksound ts02+mic

The ts02 is a great headset with a beautiful design, a warm and relaxed sound, a great microphone, and a unique emphasis on envrionmentalism. There are a number of very headsets at similar prices that compete well with the ts02, but for some people, the ts02's environmentally friendly design and packaging will take precedence over relatively minor differences in sound quality and style.

Radius Atomic Bass 2 + Mic Earphones

For $40, the Atomic Bass 2 offers strong bass; pleasant, warm sound; and headset functionality with a great microphone. It may also be a particularly good fit for listeners with small ears.

Ears-on with Etymotic's Custom-Fit eartips

If you like Etymotic’s canalphones and spend a lot of time listening to them (or would like to), the Custom-Fit tips are well worth their $100 price and a bargain compared to competing options.

Etymotic Research mc3 Headset + Earphones

Etymotic Research's mc3 offers great detail that will immerse you in your music for hours. Bassheads should steer clear, thanks to a lack of bass impact, but the mc3 has become my go-to headset, and the option to get custom eartips for the relatively low price of $100 is compelling.

Moshi Vortex

The Vortex offers a unique combination of huge bass, good midrange and highs, and excellent design. As long as you don’t mind some bass bloat and you’re not too dependent on the microphone, it's worth a look.

Altec Lansing Muzx Mesh MZX106W

Altec Lansing's bargain-basement Muzx Mesh MZX106W, a set of canalbud-style headphones, won't win any awards for sound quality, but it offers surprisingly good performance given the price.

Maximo iP-595 iMetal Earphones with Remote & Mic

The iP-595 is a nice looking, impressive sounding headset at an excellent price.

Creative HS-930i

If you want canalbuds with above-average bass quantity and lots of high frequency detail and volume, the HS-930i is worth a listen.

V-moda Remix Remote

V-moda's Remix Remote is a solid headset that offers subtle improvements in almost every area over the company's popular Vibe II, and it's less expensive, to boot.

Skullcandy 50/50

If you listen to electronic music and hip-hop, or play games on your portable devices, you'll appreciate the 50/50's bass-heavy sound, especially given the reasonable price.

Sennheiser MM 100 stereo Bluetooth headset

The MM 100 is an appealing, if pricey, option for wireless headphones, thanks to great sound quality, a fit that's comfortable both at a desk or on the trail, and future-ready features such as full playback controls.

Sennheiser PX 210 BT headphones

Sennheiser delivers with its PX 210 BT Bluetooth headphone set.

B&W P5 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones

The first foray into headphones by Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) is an impressive one. Few truly portable headphones offer the sound quality, build quality, comfort, and features of the P5. Those with big heads, though, should try before they buy.