Don't-Miss Headphone Stories

Roundup: 12 canalbud headphones

We take a look at 12 canalbuds -- not quite earbuds, not quite canalphones -- for improving on your iPods stock earbuds.

PercepTool 1.5.5

PercepTool plug-in for Photoshop CS3 and CS4 attempts to mimic your visual cortex in order to make an image look the way your brain thinks it should. In one fell swoop, this plug-in alters the brightness, edges, and contrast of your images.

Roundup: 9 in-ear-canal headphones

We take a look at 9 in-ear-canal headphones that aim to improve on your iPod or iPhone's stock earbuds while blocking considerably more external noise.

iMuffs MB220

There's a lot to like about the iMuffs MB220 Bluetooth wireless headphones, such as easy setup and intuitive controls, but the sound quality disappoints.

Comply Tips

It's headphone-tweaks week on Mac Gems, and this time we show you how to make the most of your in-ear-canal headphones.


If you're happy with the sound of Apple's stock earbuds but wish they fit better, BudFits can make them more comfortable and secure for less than the price of an iTunes album download.

Ultimate Ears 4

Beyerdynamic MMX 2

USB/analog headset (headphones with microphone)

Griffin Technology Headphone Adapter

Adapter for using any headphones with iPhone's recessed headphone jack