Don't-Miss Home audio Stories

Blue Microphones Yeti

One of the bulkiest USB microphones you'll find, the Yeti delivers good sound and a lot of versatility for the price.

Soundbooth CS5

Soundbooth CS5 has changed very little from its predecessor. It's still a decent audio editor, but many of its shortcoming remain. Here's our full review.

Ion Audio Tape 2 PC

Although Ion's Tape 2 PC is a relatively simple way to convert the audio on your cassette tapes to digital files for use on your computer, the process for editing those imported files can be either complicated or time consuming, depending on which provided Mac application you use.

Ion Audio LP 2 CD

Ion's LP 2 CD makes it relatively easy bring your vinyl albums into the digital realm, but the software and tech support leave a little to be desired.

Tunebug Vibe

The Vibe provides an innovative way to listen to the music on your portable devices out loud. Its small size makes it extremely portable, and if you have it on the right surface, the sound is nothing to sneeze at.

Scosche tapStick

If you're not a fan of Apple’s earphones, Scosche's tapStick is an excellent option to enhance your listening pleasure with the iPod shuffle.

Reason 4.0

Changes in Propellerhead's Reason 4.0 are subtle. There's a new synthesizer, arpeggiator, “groove” editing, and other improvements.

Logitech Squeezebox Radio

The Squeezebox Radio is an all-in-one system for streaming and playing music from your computer or from online.

Review roundup: Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers let you stream music from your iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac, and can even act as a Bluetooth speakerphone. We took a look at five Bluetooth speaker systems to see how each fares.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic

At $429, the DacMagic is not a device for everyone, but if you do have good audio equipment, it'll definitely make your music sound much better.


Most headphones for use while you're out and about are in-ear models, but the HA-S650 offers an over-ear headband design.

JBL Reference 430

JBL's Reference 430 headphones are more flashy than fabulous.

Logitech S315i

Logitech's S315i rechargeable iPod speaker provides good sound, but lacks a remote and is a bit expensive.