Don't-Miss Home audio Stories

Djay 2.3.1

Djay is a fun and friendly way to create music mixes and explore the art of DJing.

Review: Tivoli Audio NetWorks Stereo Radio with FM

Tivoli Audio's NetWorks radio streams Internet radio and music on your local area network. While versatile, it requires some work to configure and operate and its unique design isn't for everyone.

Textcast 1.0.2

Textcast is a clever utility that converts text into podcasts for on-the-go listening.

Review: Sonos Multi-Room Music System 2.7

If you thought a handful of AirPort Express Base Stations, an iPhone, and Apple Remote application for that iPhone would bring you the greatest multi-room audio playback on earth, think again. Sonos has it beat hands down.

Review: Logitech AudioHub

If you use a laptop as a primary computer, the AudioHub can enhance your experience when watching videos or listening to music without taking up a lot of desktop space.

Review: Slacker G2 Personal Radio Player

If you’re a big fan of the Slacker Internet radio service, the G2 Personal Radio Player is a great device that frees you being shackled to a computer.

Review: Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock

Aluratek's Internet Radio Alarm Clock offers far more audio than you’ll be able to enjoy in the lifetime of the device—even through some of it may initially be a chore to find.

Review: USB microphones

Looking for a simple way to connect a microphone to your computer? Christopher Breen reviews four plug-and-play USB mics for podcasters and musicians.

Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless headset

Logitech's ClearChat PC Wireless headset is lightweight, comfortable, and sounds good.

Review: Beyerdynamic MMX 2

Beyerdynamic's MMX 2 combines a microphone and earphones in a lightweight headset that works great.

Review: Audioengine W1 Wireless Audio Adapter

Audioengine's W1 is an easy-to-use way to get audio from one part of your house to another—without cables and without piggybacking on your wireless network.

Review: Ableton Live 7 digital audio workstation

Live 7 is absolutely the tool to use for creating and modifying compelling grooves on the fly. It can also be used as a traditional digital-audio workstation, where you linearly record digital audio and MIDI tracks as well as add prerecorded clips, virtual instruments, and effects. The new Live 7 delivers refinements to features found in previous versions, as well as introduces new capabilities that will be welcome to musicians, DJs, and producers.

Airfoil 3.1

Looking for a way to get your Mac's audio to different parts of your house? Airfoil 3 can send any audio to any AirPort Express, Apple TV, or computer on your network.