Don't-Miss Home audio Stories

M-Audio Black Box

M-Audio’s Black Box is a good addition to your collection of guitar based musical effects. It’s lightweight and compact enough to take with you on the road, and offers much of the power and options you’d expect from a much larger device.

Review: Sonos ZonePlayer 80

Over a year has passed since we reviewed the Sonos Digital Music System, and it remains the most complete and easy-to-use multi-room audio system. If you’ve already got a home stereo or powered speaker system (or two), the introduction of the ZP80—a nearly perfect complement to the original ZP100—makes it even easier, and cheaper, to add new zones to your Sonos system.

Review: Roku SoundBridge Radio

Roku's SoundBridge Radio is a unique product that combines the functionality of a wireless music player, the convenience of an AM/FM table radio, and the practicality of a well-designed alarm clock into a compact and good-sounding package. It works as advertised and, even better, the more you use it, the more you want to use it. Although it isn't cheap, when you consider that a good table radio is going to cost you $200 to $400 and most wireless audio players are $150 to $300, the SoundBridge Radio's $400 price tag isn't unreasonable. My biggest complaints about the Radio are related to its interface. If Roku can address some of these interface issues via a future software update, the SoundBridge Radio would be a product I could recommend for anyone.

Guitar Rig 2

The first version of Guitar Rig was a breakthrough product, even though it had its share of problems—namely with modeling some tones and the accompanying hardware. Guitar Rig 2 addresses many of these issues, resulting in a much improved version of the digital guitar studio.

Audio Converters

For improving sound quality of your recordings, Metric Halo’s ULN-2 and Lynx Studio Technology’s L22 leave the Mac’s built-in converters in the dust.