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Amazon Kindle DX

Though the Kindle DX is an impressive e-book reader, its high price will likely turn off some prospective buyers.

Amazon Kindle (second generation)

While Amazon has made some successful enhancements to its e-book reader, other tweaks fall flat or miss the mark entirely.

Magellan Maestro 4700

This premium GPS device packs plenty of features, but you can find many of them on lower-cost products, too.

iPod touch, second-generation (2G) 32GB

Touch-screen-based music, video, and game player

iPod touch, second-generation (2G) 16GB

Touch-screen-based music, video, and game player

Review: Second-generation iPod touch

The latest iPod touch features integrated volume controls, a built-in speaker, curvier case, and more capacity for the same price. It’s an incremental improvement upon the original widescreen device.

iPod nano, fourth-generation (4G) 8GB

Thin music and video player

Review: Roku Netflix Player

Roku's Netflix Player gives Netflix subscribers access to thousands of movies and TV shows on their TV set for a flat fee of $99. But is it worth it? Our review has the details.

2GB iPod shuffle

With more room for your songs and a new low price, what's not to like about the 2GB iPod shuffle? The same limitations in the original 2G iPod shuffle, as Christopher Breen found out.

Review: iPod touch

This iPhone-like touchscreen iPod is not without its strengths, particularly when it comes to wireless features like the ability to buy music via the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store. But it also has flaws, most notably the quality of video. This widescreen iPod was created with video in mind, and it's in this critical area that it shortchanges users.

Review: Vudu

Vudu is an impressive device that brings instant movie entertainment to your living room. Fun, easy to use, and offering great video and sound quality, Vudu has the potential to become a revolutionary device in the digital-movie era.

Review: iPod classic with Software Update 1.0.1

When it originally shipped, the iPod classic was dogged by performance issues related to its new interface. iPod Software Update 1.0.1 addressed the spotty performance -- although at the cost of battery life for audio playtime -- prompting us to re-evaluate the 80GB and 160GB classic.

Review: 80GB and 160GB iPod classic

If the new iPod nano now matches the full-sized iPod feature for feature, what's to differentiate the music player that's now known as the iPod classic? Storage -- and lots of it. While this iPod is a good choice for anyone with capacity concerns, Christopher Breen finds a few interface flaws with the iPod classic, especially compared to the previous generation of full-sized iPods.