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For frequent travelers, especially those who are sports fans or who have DVRs full to bursting with recorded shows, Slingbox successfully brings the comforts of home to wherever you roam.

Review: iPod touch with 1.1.1 update

In our original review we suggested that the iPod touch’s video quality was a deal-killer. With the 1.1.1 update that quality has improved somewhat—enough to warrant a half-mouse uptick in our rating. But the touch’s feature set remains arbitrary.

EyeTV 250

The EyeTV 250 is a great personal video recorder for Mac users. This is a particularly useful unit if you have a slower Mac, as the hardware encoder ensures high quality recordings without stressing the computer’s processor.


Miglia’s TVMicro is a great portable analog TV tuner for Mac users. If you want something to let you watch TV on your Mac, you won’t go wrong with it.

EyeTV Hybrid television tuner

The EyeTV Hybrid has many benefits and few drawbacks. It’s a clear winner—especially if you want to take TV viewing on the road. If you have a slower, single-processor Mac, however, the EyeTV 250 may be a better bet.

Review: Second-generation iPod shuffle

The small size of Apple's second-generation shuffle is a testament to efficient engineering, but it also makes for a music player that could be easier to use. It's not the best-sounding player made by Apple, but given its intended use, it's a more-than-capable musical companion.

Review: Vortex for iPod

This Apple-made iPod game adapts a proven concept to the iPod with great results, though it may prove too difficult to hold your attention indefinitely.

Review: Zuma for iPod

Imprecise aiming and a tiny screen mar the experience of playing this marble-matching game on your iPod.

Review: Pac-Man for iPod

It's fun to see Pac-Man on the iPod, but using the click wheel control to move the pellet-eating yellow mouth leaves a lot to be desired.

Review: Fifth Generation iPod (Late 2006)

Although the new 5G iPod isn’t the “true video iPod” many people were expecting, it’s a solid upgrade from its predecessor, offering useful new software features for watching video, playing games, and browsing music, as well as improved hardware in the form of a brighter screen, better battery life, and better earbuds—all at lower prices.

Review: iPod nano (second generation)

The 2G iPod is both a welcome step back to more colorful (and scratch-resistant) days of the iPod mini and a moderate step forward in functionality. This middle-child iPod feels and looks great with its rugged aluminum finish and bright display.

Sonos ZonePlayer 80

Amp-less, lower-cost ZonePlayer for Sonos' complete home music system.


This stylish looking and compact device is a great way to get HDTV content on your Mac. And since it's a bus-powered USB 2.0 device, you can take it anywhere you go.