Don't-Miss iPhone Stories

Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro (Spring 2010)

While Apple's new 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro laptops feature new Core i5 and i7 processors, improved dual graphics, and increased battery life, the 13-inch MacBook Pros remain remain the most similar to the previous generation. The least expensive models of the Pro line are mostly about improved graphics and battery life, and they aren’t all that different from last year's 13-inch models.

Mobilis Skin

The Skin cover isn't the most protective or attractive of laptop bags on the market, but it does feel solid despite the light and compact design.

Isis Dei Riviera Bleu

Laptop sleeve adds just the right amount of bling for your 15-inch MacBook Pro

LaCie Rikiki

LaCie’s Rikiki is a small USB-only portable hard drive for users who want the most compact and potent hard drive possible.

Knomo Lincoln

Sleek and stylish, the Lincoln is a practical laptop bag for everyday use.

Steampunk Hockey for iPhone

Among steampunk fans, Steampunk Hockey will become a classic, played at steampunk conferences worldwide. For the rest of us, it will have the staying power of the air hockey table at the local arcade: really fun until the skee ball machines open up.

Star Walk for iPhone

If you're interested in learning more about objects in space -- and the Earth's relation to them -- this is a great app to download. It's also intuitive enough for kids to easily navigate.

Super-Tilt Baseball for iPhone

Bugs, wonky physics, and monotonous gameplay make this baseball-themed pinball offering for the iPhone and iPod touch as tedious as a late August doubleheader between two cellar-dwelling teams.

Rogue Planet for iPhone

Rogue Planet from Gameloft is a turn based strategy game that seeks to take the crown as king of the genre for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With it’s involving story line, strategic gameplay and upcoming online play, Gameloft may have succeeded.

iSilo for iPhone

If you have a lot of Palm Doc files and are familiar with iSilo because you have used it on other portable platforms, the iPhone version could prove very useful. But as a general document viewer or e-book reader, it doesn't measure up to similar apps.

Touch Carrom: Striker Edition for iPhone

Touch Carrom by Zentity brings the tabletop game of carrom to the iPhone or iPod touch. Carrom is a cross between billiards and shuffleboard that has gained popularity throughout the world. Now Zentity hopes to translate the game's popularity to a new market of gamers.

Epic Fail for iPhone

If you're addicted to images displaying the suffering of others for your amusement, this free app succeeds -- even though there's an annoyance that mars the otherwise fully satisfying fail-centric fun.

NoteMaster for iPhone

If you're looking for a feature-rich note-taker for your iPhone or iPod touch, NoteMaster certainly fits the bill. But there are more elegant options available in the App Store.