Don't-Miss iPhone Stories

Shazam Encore for iPhone

This paid version of the music-identification app delivers a number of features -- chiefly unlimited tagging of songs. It's a solid app, but unless you find yourself using it a lot or find the other features particularly appealing, the free version of Shazam will probably meet your needs.

Tripod Camera for iPhone

This app add some nice options to the iPhone's camera -- most notably an anti-tilt feature that keeps your shot level no matter what -- and makes a nice addition to any shutterbug's tool-set.

Tank Raider for iPhone

Tank Raider is a retro tank arcade game by Sunday Solutions that puts you at the controls of an arcade tank pitted against three crafty computer-controlled tanks. Your mission is to capture and hold more gems than the other tanks.

Txtagif for iPhone

If you like to send cutesy images with your MMS messages, txtagif will be an iPhone app dream come true, even though the free app has a few flaws.

Aaxa P2

This powerful pico projector delivers very bright images and crisp text, but lackluster color and limited battery life lower its ranking.

Hangman RSS for iPhone

This app taps an RSS feed to pump out the first half-dozen words of news headlines, requiring you to play an individual game of hangman on one or more of those words. It's easily one of the more clever and challenging hangman games in the App Store.

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front for iPhone

Uncle Sam stripped your brother of his Medal of Honor. In this WWII combat simulator, you need to find out why.

AutoStitch Panorama for iPhone

Even if you don't know an f-stop from a doorstop, you can easily create wide-angle panoramas with the help of this easy-to-use image editor.

My Med ID for iPhone

This nicely designed, easy-to-use app that may provide a valuable service for some users. But My Med ID is not without its downsides.

Alice in Wonderland for iPhone

Inspired by the recently released film from Disney and director Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland is a remarkably clever 2-D adventure game that is more than a mere movie tie-in.

Optoma PK102

The tiny Optoma PK102 pico projector delivers vivid color images and handles stand-alone presentations via its built-in media player.

Runmeter and Cyclemeter for iPhone

Thanks to their ease of use, excellent post-workout reporting features, innovative sharing functions, and pleasing interface, Runmeter and Cyclemeter are among the best fitness apps you'll find for the iPhone.

Tiki Golf 3D for iPhone

With the release of a 3.0 version of this mobile golf game, we revisit Tiki Golf 3D and find that, unfortunately, ample bugs will need to be corrected before this game is up to par.