Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Review: Ci95m Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver

The Kensington Ci95m Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver is great if you’re looking for a mouse that is light and easy to carry around. If you crave innovative buttons that facilitate different functions on your computer, you may want to look elsewhere. But as an everyday travel mouse, the modestly priced Ci95m is a great investment.

Review: SlimBlade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse

The Kensington SlimBlade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse is one odd little rodent. It tries to be two different animals—first, a compact traveler’s mouse, and second, a presentation controller—but it ends up doing the first poorly and the second only minimally.

Review: SlimBlade Media Mouse

Kensington's SlimBlade Media Mouse is great if you're looking for media control and sleek design in addition to basic mouse functions. The lightweight, slim body is great for travelers.

Review: SpaceNavigator for Notebooks

SpaceNavigator for Notebooks, a laptop mouse designed for 3-D navigation, lets you move horizontally, vertically, and in a third dimension of depth within your 3-D space.

WolfKing Warrior gamepad

This gaming keyboard puts the most important keys at your fingertips to increase your performance.

Bamboo Fun tablet

It may take a while to get accustomed to using a tablet; but if you stick with it, you’ll find that the Bamboo offers a natural approach to drawing, photo retouching, handwriting, and navigating that boosts comfort, creativity, and efficiency.

X-Arcade TankStick + Trackball

Not everyone will appreciate the TankStick game controller, which offer frustrating set-up options, massive size, and no Mac software. Still, for gamers who long for an authentic coin-op experience straight out of the Golden Age of arcade gaming, the TankStick is a viable option.


The TreyChair isn't cheap compared to less versatile furniture, but as a multipurpose seat that serves as both an office chair and a gaming chair, it's a neat -- and comfortable -- option.

Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

The Logitech MX Revolution Mouse is comfortable, performs flawlessly, and is highly configurable. While it does take up a USB port, that’s a minor complaint for such a great device.

Reach out and touch new Mac keyboards and mice

Macworld’s reviewers looked at some of the newest and most innovative mice and keyboards to give you a snapshot of the many input devices on the market today.

Kensington Ci60 Optical Wireless Mouse

The Kensington Ci60’s software is top-notch, and it has lots of programmable buttons that power users will like, but the subpar tracking and poor power features are probably deal-killers for anyone who demands precision.

RadTech BT600 Wireless Desktop Mouse

While this is a good mouse with nice software, consumers should be sure to also check out Apple’s similarly priced wireless Mighty Mouse, which has a more stable Bluetooth connection.

Adesso Mac Slimmedia Mini Keyboard

Adesso’s Slimmedia Mini keyboard provides most of the keys of a traditional full-size keyboard without taking as much space on your desk—and without making those keys smaller or cramped.