Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Razer ProClick V1.6

The Razer ProClick V1.6 is a tethered mouse that features terrific precision and software that lets you program both its sensitivity and its seven buttons. Not everyone needs a mouse like this, but not everyone needs a Ferrari to get to work either.

DeskSaver Companion keyboard and mouse

The DeskSaver Companion’s small size makes it a good fit for locations where desk real estate is an issue. However, the keyboard’s Windows-centric keyboard layout and cramped keys make it less than ideal as a full-time Mac keyboard.

Danger Mouse

If you’re looking for a basic and inexpensive technology upgrade from your older mouse, consider MacMice’s Danger Mouse USB Laser. Its high resolution gives you finer control when positioning the cursor, but it lacks some of the fancier features found in other mice.

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

Apple improves upon its original multi-button mouse by replacing the USB cord with a wireless Bluetooth connection and upgrading the Mighty Mouse's eyesight with a precision laser-tracking engine that works on almost any surface. The result is an innovative mouse that's a near-perfect partner for portables, as well as a convenient desktop mouse.

Logitech NuLooq navigator & tooldial

If you spend serious time in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign CS2; require precise tool control; and make repetitive trips to the toolbox, menus, or options bar, the customizable and highly configurable NuLooq navigator & tooldial is definitely for you.

X Rocker II

If you're using a Mac as the centerpiece of a gaming and entertainment center, this chair -- featuring built-in speakers and a 3.5mm input jack -- is an ideal choice.


Wacom’s Graphire4 graphics tablet is well-designed, comfortable, and easy to use. Plus, it allows photographers and artists to create effects that are difficult or impossible to attain using a mouse or trackball.

Adesso CyberTablet 8600

Overall, Adesso’s CyberTablet 8600 is a well-designed and very functional pressure-sensitive tablet. But compatibility issues with Adobe Photoshop are a major shortcoming.

Apple Mighty Mouse

There are lots of other stylish mice with multiple buttons and scrolling capabilities. But they’re not Apple style. If you want your multi-button mouse and its software to truly match your Mac, this is the mouse for you.

Mac Gems

This month's featured products include Digital Hotspotter, Jiggler, RePorter and CLIX.

VerticalMouse 2

Even though VerticalMouse 2 is more than three times as expensive as some optical mice, it may be a small price to pay for added comfort.

FrogPad Bluetooth iFrog

Your Mac’s keyboard may sport futuristic features like volume controls and backlit keys, but typing remains a two-handed proposition. FrogPad claims that its Bluetooth iFrog, a pint-size device that measures about six by four inches, improves on the QWERTY keyboard by letting you work with only one hand.

Mac Gems

iWatermark; PhotoBooth; iGlasses; Benq M310 Optical Wireless Mouse