Don't-Miss iOS Stories

App Guide: March Madness apps

With the NCAA Tournament tipping off this week, these apps can help you keep track of your brackets while you follow all the hardcourt action.

GarageBand for iPhone and iPad

Version 1.2 of Apple's mobile music maker is another impressive step forward for this remarkable, must-have app.

App Guide: Apple's Retina display-ready apps

Apple has updated a host of its mobile apps to take advantage of the Retina display in the upcoming iPad. Here they are, all in one place.

Cleartune for iPhone and iPad

Less expensive tuner apps will get the basics right, but this iPad and iPhone tool stands out for its flexibility in offering a range of tuning modes.

App Guide: iPad blockbusters

With an iPad update rumored to be in the works, we look at some of the apps that are dominating the top-grossing charts on the App Store.

Twittelator Neue for iPhone

Twittelator Neue for iPhone doesn't look or behave like every other Twitter client; it sports unique design choices all its own. It faces tough App Store competition, though.

NPR Music for iPhone and iPad

This music app from National Public Radio has great archived content and radio stations and lovely designs. Unless your tastes run to the kind of music unlikely to be featured by NPR Music, the app is a worthy addition to your iOS devices.

App Guide: Guitar apps for iPhone and iPad

Your iOS device becomes a six-string instrument with the help of these iPhone and iPad apps.

Filmic Pro for iPhone

This powerful video app for the iPhone is designed with filmmakers in mind.

App Guide: iOS games with online multiplayer features

Enjoying that iOS game? Let your friends join in on the fun with Game Center-enable games that support online multiplayer features.

Robo5 for iPhone and iPad

This puzzle game has some charm, but it also has somewhat unintuitive controls. The iPad version is more playable than its iPhone counterpart, thanks to the former device's larger screen.

App Guide: Social network aggregators for iOS

Manage all your social networks from one place with the help of any of these iOS apps.

MagicalPad for iPad

This terrific outlining app boasts some interesting features, though it doesn't quite deliver on all the things its developer promises in MagicalPad's App Store description.