Don't-Miss iOS Stories

App Guide: iPad note-takers

With any of these apps installed on your iPad, you can jot down notes as easily as you would with a pen and paper.

App Guide: Unique iOS card games

Tired of the same old card games? These iPhone and iPad offerings shuffle things up.

Percolator for iPhone and iPad

Percolator is not only a lot of fun, it produces some really interesting and artistic images.

Machinarium for iPad

This iPad 2 adventure game offers a truly unique experience with more heart than the average tin man.

App Guide: Essential iOS utilities

If you're a new iPhone or iPad owner, we recommend these utilities for expanding the capabilities of your iOS device.

Clear for iPhone

This task management app employs some nonconventional iOS interface elements, which are cleverly implemented and fun to use. But the app's simplicity may hamper its overall effectiveness at helping you get things done.

Grand Theft Auto 3 for iPhone and iPad

This iOS port of the landmark video game isn't perfect. But even with some control shortcomings, it's still a fun ride.

TCM for iPhone and iPad

Fans of classic movies should steer clear of these companion apps for the cable channel the same way they'd avoid a cinematic stinker.

App Guide: Presidential election apps

We celebrate Presidents Day by considering the November presidential elections and the iOS apps that exist to keep you informed about the campaign.

Tiny Heroes for iPhone

Fans of tower defense games will embrace this iOS offering, which keeps the challenges coming by offering changing maps and unique levels.

App Guide: Road trip apps for iOS

If your three-day weekend includes a lot of time in the car, these apps can help you plan a route, prepare for traffic, and figure out where to stop along the way.

Nostalgiqa for iPhone

There's a compelling idea behind this app that aims to help you capture memories and share them in the form of photos and text. But in its early stages, Nostalgiqa proves a little baffling to use.

App Guide: iOS tax apps

With the deadline to file your income tax looming, it's time to start thinking about preparing your returns. These apps can help you get the job done on your iOS device.