Don't-Miss iOS Stories

Noteshelf for iPad

Noteshelf for iPad offers a lot of note-taking functionality. You can use the app to combine handwritten and text notes, photos, icons, and more. And it works pretty well.

App Guide: Sequels to iOS games

Some games are so great, they deserve an encore. Here's a sampling of iPhone and iPad games trying to prove that lightning can strike twice.

iOS App Review: Football kicking games

Cling to the dearly departed football season with one of these flicking kicking simulators.

App Guide: iOS apps for a romantic Valentine's Day

From flowers to candy, from a night on the town to a romantic getaway, your iOS device can help you arrange a memorable Valentine's Day for you and your beloved.

Game Your Video for iPhone

Global Delight’s Game Your Video wants to make the video-editing process as simple as possible, and it does an excellent job of it.

Phrase Wit for iPhone and iPad

This funny education app can set you straight on commonly mangled phrases, with the help of a pleasing game mode.

Review: Tweetbot for iPad

Tweetbot was already great on the iPhone. On the iPad, it gets even more room to shine--and shine it does.

App Guide: iOS study tools

Put these apps on your iPhone or iPad to make managing your homework, class schedule, or study sessions just a little bit easier.

Mad Chef for iPhone and iPad

The gameplay in this frenetic food-assembly game is every bit as sharp as the knives tossed by the titular chef.

Nag for iPhone

This simple iPhone app uses alarms to keep you on task and bolster your productivity.

App Guide: Airline apps for iOS devices

Your favorite airline likely offers an iOS app for checking flight times and fares. Just don't use it when the captain has signaled that all electronic devices need to be in the off position, OK?

Numberlys and The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore for iOS

Moonbot Studios builds iOS apps that draw on elements of books, movies, and games for a unique interactive experience that represents the best of what the iOS platform has to offer.

App Guide: iOS Super Bowl apps

The NFL's showcase game is this Sunday. These apps can help you enjoy all the Super Bowl XLVI action, plan your gameday menu, or enjoy a little virtual pigskin action of your own.