Don't-Miss iOS Stories

Review: Monster Life for iOS

This Pokémon lookalike game offers charm for a price.

iOS App Review: Geo Walk HD lets kids explore the world, but with limitations

Geo Walk is best suited for young children who are just learning to read and who want to explore the world, as anybody else would rather just use a good encyclopedia.

iOS App Review: Layout brings collages into the iPad age

Layout is a photo-editing app that allows you to create and share digital photo layouts.

iOS App Review: Your kids will love Toca Band, but you might not

Toca Band is another app from Toca Boca that your kids will love. But because it requires less creativity, and its music gets mind-numbingly repetitive, you might feel differently.

Review: Refined iOS 6 highlighted by stunning Maps overhaul

With its significant improvements to Maps, and a host of other small enhancements and updates, Dan Moren says that iOS 6 is another fine update.

MyScript Notes Mobile for iPad

If jotting down notes as opposed to typing them on your iPad is your thing, then this app might be right up your alley.

App Guide: Assorted iOS apps from Apple

As Apple prepares for its Sept. 12 press event, it's worth keeping an eye out to see if any of these mobile offerings out of Cupertino are slated for an update.

Amoebattle for iPhone and iPad

This colorful real-time strategy game for Apple's iOS devices boasts a brisk challenge to match its enticing gameplay.

App Guide: iOS apps for the NFL season

The 2012 NFL season is underway, and these apps can keep you posted on all of the action happening at stadia from Seattle to Foxboro.

MyCalendar Mobile for iPhone

This single-task app can help you remember the birthdays of Facebook friends and other contacts, but that comes with the price of shameless self-promotion.

Walking Dead for iPhone and iPad

This iOS adaptation of the popular TV series offers compelling characters, unique worlds, and an interactive experience that's as intense as it is memorable.

App Guide: Obstacle course games for iOS

These iOS games -- like life -- throw up a lot of obstacles in your path. But getting around those obstacles is a lot more fun on your iPhone or iPad.

Photosynth for iPhone

Entering life as a photographic experiment, Photosynth has evolved into a fabulous panorama maker.