Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Need for Speed Shift for iPhone

Need For Speed Shift, EA's $7 sequel to Need For Speed Undercover, is one heck of a racing game. Most impressively, it's not just an awesome street racing game for iPhone—it's an awesome street racing game period.

Connect 4 for iPhone

EA did a great job adding new features to the game, but no matter how many bells and whistles you put on it, Connect 4 still gets boring after a few hours. Just like the real life board game, Connect 4 is most enjoyable when played with a friend.

WolframAlpha for iPhone

This pricey but well done app delivers the same information you'd get for free from the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine. But it does so in a format that's ideal for the iPhone and iPod touch. And the mobile app has the potential to be even more as the underlying technology of Alpha improves.

BirdsEye for iPhone

This simple and useful birding application leverages the power of eBird, a centralized birdwatching site where The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Audubon Society collect bird sitings from birdwatchers all over the world to help you find sightings in your area.

Block Fall for iPhone

In Block Fall, you can connect as many blocks as you want -- but beware. The game screen fills with brightly colored blocks, which you tap away in groups. However, you start the game with three lives (you can increase the number through high scoring), and each time you tap a group of blocks smaller than three, you lose a life.

eBuddy and eBuddy Pro for iPhone

Both the free and pro versions of this multi-protocol IM app work pretty well, though not right out of the box. But if you're willing to tweak a few settings, eBuddy performs quite capably.

Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPhone

In Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, you travel back to 1890s London to solve a mystery. Using a handful of skills and the famed detective's powers of deduction, you question the characters and examine the evidence to reveal the identity of the murderer.

Live Cams for iPhone

This app does a really nice job of letting you view public webcams -- or even your own security camera -- directly from your iPhone or iPod touch.

LyricFind Pro and LyricFind Lite for iPhone

Certain features of the paid and free versions of this lyric finding app are great. But if the artists and songs you like aren't supported by either version of LyricFind, you'll find the app frustrating. You'd best experiment with the ad-supported free version before committing to LyricFind Pro.

Jewel Quest 2-in-1 Treasure Pack for iPhone

Jewel Quest is one of the most popular match three puzzle games ever. With its casual gameplay and addictive nature it’s a perfect match for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Dragon Dictation for iPhone

This app -- which converts your speech into text that you can e-mail, send via SMS or copy and paste to the clipboard of your iPhone or iPod touch -- is shaping up to be an essential addition to Apple's mobile devices.

TextTwist 2 for iPhone

TextTwist 2, a $1 game from RealArcade, is a welcome change of pace from its awful predecessor. At its core, TextTwist 2 is a jumble game: You’re presented with a batch of letters, and need to find all the words that those letters can form.

Projects for iPhone

What this mobile project management app does well, it does very, very well. Unfortunately, project management aficionados may be more frustrated by the features Projects lacks than the ones it actually has.