Don't-Miss iPods Stories

NoteMaster for iPhone

If you're looking for a feature-rich note-taker for your iPhone or iPod touch, NoteMaster certainly fits the bill. But there are more elegant options available in the App Store.

140 Characters for iPhone

This companion app to the book of the same name overs the basics of Twitter usage, while spending the most time concentrating on how to get your message across in such a limited amount of space. Some users may find the app overkill, but if you're looking to master Twitter, 140 Characters is a good place to get started.

ZombieSmash! for iPhone

Throw a zombie across the screen. Then, drop a cement block on some of his friends. You can shoot, throw, and yes, smash a variety of undead monsters in ZombieSmash! a new game by Gamedoctors. Full of memorable weapons, a great physics engine, and some genuinely funny moments, ZombieSmash! is a must-have app.

Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth headphones

The Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth SB1 is comfortable and tight enough not to slip off your ears no matter how strenuous your workout.

Dragon Search and ACTRocket for iPhone

We compare two of the multitude of search apps on the App Store. Dragon Search's voice-driven approach makes the app a great companion to the built-in Safari browser, while ACTRocket, unfortunately, comes up a bit short.

My Color for iPhone

This app does exactly what it promises -- make it easy to select colors from a picture and save their RBG and HEX numbers. But it would have been nicer had My Color gone beyond this basic functionality.

Hellkid: Hook & Jump for iPhone

HellKid: Hook & Jump is a Sonic the Hedgehog-ish side-scrolling game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Though challenging and full of great art, the by-the-book platforming and uninspired level design will likely keep this game in a hellish state of obscurity.

No Fear Shakespeare and Shakespeare Pro for iPhone

If you have trouble making sense of Shakespeare, both No Fear Shakespeare and Shakespeare Pro can help you. But the two apps have very different approaches and pull off the feat with varying degrees of success.

Paper Boat Race for iPhone

Paper Boat Race is a novel racing game where you race paper boats around a pool—by blowing into your iPhone’s microphone! While the game has its moments of nerdy joy, blowing into the microphone while trying to control the boat is hard to do—and there’s really anything else going for the game.

Hellemental for iPhone

Developers Intersog and Dirty Edge seek to redefine the tower defense genre with Hellemental. Unlike traditional tower defense games where the player sets up a slew of strategically placed weapons in hopes of slaughting lemming-like foes in an assembly line fashion, Hellemental instead relies on the magical abilities of a single defender.

Pocket Informant for iPhone

This $10 productivity tool is a beast of an app -- and we mean that as a positive. Dense and feature-rich, Pocket Informant aims to replace the iPhone's built-in calendar and serve as a task/to-do list manager, too.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for iPhone

Rockstar Games doesn't do anything half-way, and the first iPhone version of its Grand Theft Auto series is no exception. The game for the iPhone and iPod touch is a big, ugly, raw title that's huge in scale and depth.

March Madness on Demand for iPhone

This app, which streams video and audio from the NCAA men's basketball tournament to your iPhone, has made some improvements from last year's edition -- most notably, the ability to stream live video over a 3G connection.