Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Finger Physics for iPhone

Finger Physics by PressOK Entertainment is a beautifully crafted puzzle game that will satisfy everyone from the casual gamer to someone seeking a real challenge.

LivingSocial for iPhone

This frustrating and buggy app will turn you into an anti-social misanthrope.

Surviving High School for iPhone

In Surviving High School, you star as a high schooler of your own creation, and you determine your social status and overall life successes based on the decisions you make.

iPod extraction tool roundup

If you lose your iTunes library and need to copy files off your iPod and back onto your Mac, iTunes can't help you. But these 10 utilities can.

Air for iPhone

This generative music app isn't for serious music-making, but it does provide compelling ambient music in the style of Brian Eno.

Angry Birds for iPhone

Managing your birds, hitting your marks exactly, and prioritizing your targets makes this a challenging physics puzzle game.

Bump for iPhone

This app lets you exchange contact information photos simply by bumping your iPhone or iPod touch with another user's. Bump is the kind of app that reminds you of what's great about the iPhone platform.

The Simpsons Arcade for iPhone

Despite a few quirks, The Simpsons Arcade is just the right mix of silly, challenging, and creative. Die-hard fan or not, anyone who enjoys beat-em-up games will enjoy this one.

Yoritsuki for iPhone

This app doesn't offer much more than ambient noises and pretty views -- though both are very well done. Still, Yoritsuki could stand to add a few small additions to its settings.

impaXor for iPhone

impaXor is an Asteroids-esque game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The goal is to protect the Earth, located at the bottom of the screen, from being assaulted by incoming asteroids, space junk and bellicose flying saucers.

Ping for iPhone

This $1 app is a fine replacement for the built-in Messages app... provided you have other friends who use Ping as well.

Quickpedia for iPhone

What makes this free mobile Wikipedia browser worth the download over simply navigating to Wikipedia from Safari is the app's easy-to-read interface and the search history.

Emergency City for iPhone

Emergency City is a challenging and fast paced game full of frantic nail-biting action. It offers great graphics, frantically paced gameplay, and plenty of replay value for just a buck.