Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Guess the News for iPhone

Guess the News, a new puzzle game from Finger Arts, can best be described as Wheel of Fortune for news junkies. Using headlines from continually updated stories, the game tests your vocabulary, spelling, and news savvy all while keeping you up-to-date with current events.

Job search apps for the iPhone

A pair of job search apps for the iPhone and iPod touch offer mobile listings but little else that will interest mobile users on the lookout for work.

TextExpander for iPhone

This time-saving utility is already a useful typing aide for the iPhone and iPod touch. And if more iPhone apps integrate TextExpander, it will become even more useful.

Battleship for iPhone

Battleship has finally come to the iPhone, and it’s making a splash. Electronic Art's adaptation of the classic board game combines varied game modes with superb graphics and cut scenes to create a winning experience.

Police Radio for iPhone

With an easy-to-use interface and great support, this app could be just the ticket if you’ve got the citizens-band itch to scratch.

Aqua Forest 2 for iPhone

This sequel to the popular puzzle game features 50 challenging stages that task the player with guiding a water droplet past obstacles (such as lava, moss, and holes) and into the beaker.

Bing for iPhone

The mobile version of Microsoft's search tool is head in the right direction -- particularly when it comes to maps and directions. But for searches, Google Mobile App is still Ben Boychuk's choice.

Swap It for iPhone

This app for sharing data between iPhones and second-generation iPod touches works as advertised. But it's hard to see Swap It's clipboard-centric approach as better than some homegrown alternatives for exchanging text, URLs, phone numbers, and photos.

Twin Blades for iPhone

This anime-influenced hack-and-slash game is certainly pretty-looking, but the action is limited.

Simplenote for iPhone

This clean-looking, easy-to-use app is superior to the iPhone's built-in Notes offering. Simplenote makes it easy to jot down notes on the go and then get that information onto your computer.

Emo Weather for iPhone

This fun and funky little weather app provides the basic weather information most people need. And its cartoon characters may make you smile in even the worst weather conditions.

Need for Speed Undercover for iPhone

Need for Speed Undercover sets the bar high for racing games on the iPhone and iPod touch. Everything about it exudes perfection.

ReelDirector for iPhone

Pros may find the features in this movie-editing app lacking for their needs. But when it comes to basic movie-making, ReelDirector provides a great feature set.