Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Notecards for iPhone

For basic self quizzes and reviews, this flashcard app gets the job done -- especially when you use it in tandem with its free desktop companion app.

Order Pizza for iPhone

The technology behind this pizza ordering app is impressive. But anything other than simple orders causes it to falter.

Minim for iPhone

Minim is an original, clever puzzler for the iPhone. The $2 game from Fishing Cactus excels because of its simplicity and its elegant ties to the iPhone's unique interface.

ShakeItPhoto for iPhone

This photo app, which gives your images a Polaroid-like look, can be a lot of fun. But users longing for a more authentic instant photo look may be slightly disappointed with the end result.

MarketWatch for iPhone

MarketWatch has the kind of features you'd expect from a financial news app. But it stands out thanks to its Cruise Control feature, which lets readers click on headlines to hear complete stories read by a voice that's almost lifelike

Casual football games for iPhone

When one of his favorite casual football games undergoes a lackluster update, Philip Michaels goes on a quest for a decent football app. He's still looking.

SugarSync for iPhone

This app -- which lets you access your backed-up files on the go, and share them with friends -- delivers on its core features, but it's missing some obvious ones, like the ability to view Pages documents and Quicktime videos.

Enigmo 2 for iPhone

This awesome puzzle game will have you playing for hours on end. If you have a little patience and are up for a challenge, grab Enigmo 2.

Decade Review for iPhone

If you're looking to relive the last 10 years, Open Door Networks has just the app for you. Decade Review lets you browse dozens of events by year, supports portrait or landscape view, and lets you zoom in and out of images with a tap.

Slingshot Cowboy Plus for iPhone

Slingshot Cowboy is a fun diversion, but you might grow tired of the repetitious gameplay and challenging controls. If you're up for a challenge and fancy yourself a slingshot cowboy, saddle up.

FarmLand for iPhone

This charming casual strategy game starts slowly. But in spite of its repetitiveness, FarmLand becomes an increasingly addictive diversion.

Knights Onrush for iPhone

In a crowded tower defense genre, the humor and fast and furious gameplay of Knights Onrush stands apart as an interesting and engaging take on a now standard game.

Ninja Assassin for iPhone

Ninja Assassin, the Warner Bros. companion game to the Wachowski brothers' produced gore-fest, looks slick but unfortunately isn't the sharpest playing experience out there.