Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Grinchmas for iPhone

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a holiday classic, so it’s no surprise that a Grinch app would show up around this time of year. Grinchmas, from Oceanhouse Media, is a festive and amusing game, but one you’ll probably delete once New Year’s rolls around.

reQall for iPhone

This handy, well designed to-do list manager lets you speak or type reminders into your iPhone; the app then organizes those notes, sends you reminders, and syncs events with with iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

TED for iPhone

The TED conference says it's dedicated to "ideas worth spreading," and this app -- which provides access to TED demos and talks via your iPhone or iPod touch -- makes spreading those ideas as simple as possible.

Xmas Card Factory for iPhone

This Christmas card app is probably best suited to amusing yourself or sending the funniest cards to your good-humored friends.

A.D.D. for iPhone

A.D.D. (Addictive Dumb Distractions), the long awaited release from Iugo Mobile Entertainment, Inc., is chock full of enough gross-out humor and witty cultural jabs to keep you laughing and/or grimacing until you can’t take it anymore.

WxFix Standard for iPhone

Some of its features fall short and the interface can take some getting used to, but overall, this app packs an impressive amount of information into the features you'd depend on for a weather app.

Arachnadoodle for iPhone

Arachnadoodle by Connect2Media takes an interesting and refreshing twist on the puzzle genre. While comparisons could be drawn to games like Peggle, Arachnadoodle manages to put a fresh spin on the gameplay.

Mill Colour for iPhone

Spend some time learning running your photos through this free photo grading app, and you’ll be amazed with the results.

Barnes and Noble Nook

Poky performance issues prevent us from making an unqualified recommendation of this e-book reader.

Aliens Invade for iPhone

Fans of the old Space Invaders arcade game will appreciate this mobile offering, which provides a 21st century refresh on the old "When aliens attack" genre. Aliens Invade is fun and addicting, and you'll want to blast away often

AP Stylebook for iPhone

This mobile style reference for journalists and writers is fast but incomplete.

Ravensword: The Fallen King for iPhone

Published by Chillingo and developed by Crescent Moon Games, this adventure RPG looks to take gaming on the iPhone to the next level with stunning graphics and a vast world to explore.

SpeedNote for iPhone

This app aims to help you improve your iPhone typing speed. But Lex Friedman finds that it does so in a way that's antithetical both to how he uses his phone and how he writes.