Don't-Miss iPods Stories

The Raging Dead for iPhone

In The Raging Dead, you’re given an aerial view of a section of a city and the task of eradicating the zombies before they spread. The challenge of the game is inherit in what makes a zombie plague such a terrifying concept—their victims turn into more zombies.

iQuarium for iPhone

This app is just what it sounds like -- a mobile aquarium for your iPhone or iPod touch. And for $1, it delivers a good deal of fun.

King Midas for iPhone

There's nothing wrong with this kids' e-book, which features top-notch illustrations. But there's also little to recommend this app over a printed book.

Call of Duty: Zombies for iPhone

If there was ever an enemy you’d feel guiltless about killing, it’s Nazi zombies. And for the wince-inducing base price of $9.99, Activision’s Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies lets you blow them to pieces to your heart’s content.

Bills ~ On Your Table for iPhone

This bill reminder app looks gorgeous, but looks aren't everything. After a few minutes of using Bills ~ On Your Table, some unfortunate limitations become apparent.

Pocket Reference for iPhone

If you're the person everyone's always looking to for answers, this app saves untold time fumbling around with Google searches.

Dawn of the Dead for iPhone

Zach Snyders' 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead had its fans and its critics. New developer Byte Mark won't have the benefit of such a controversy: Dawn of the Dead for the iPhone—as the developers’ name suggests—bites.

Wyse PocketCloud for iPhone

Anyone who wants to control their desktop from their iPhone or iPod touch must contend with the limited screen space on their mobile device. This app tackles that problem with a flash of ingenuity, optimizing screen space without significant sacrifices in usability.

Guerilla Bob for iPhone

When choosing from thousands of apps in the Apple App Store, Guerrilla Bob has one distinct advantage: it has an awesome name. Once downloaded, Guerrilla Bob doesn’t disappoint. From its great opening sequence to its intuitive gameplay, Chillingo has created a terrific shooter.

Ingenious for iPhone

Ingenious may be the perfect name for this puzzle game from developer United Soft Media Verlag, because you pretty much have to be a genius to master it.

Creative Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Headset

The Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset is not just for WoW players.

Snood for iPhone

Snood might not hold your attention for too long, but it’s great for a quick five-minute session, has memorable graphics, and puts a character-driven spin on the "match-three" genre.

Spores Creatures for iPhone

Unfortunately, Spore Creatures for the iPhone is not quite as expansive or impressive as the original Spore—in fact, it’s watered-down a lot. EA Games has created a beautiful 3-D world—there just isn't much to do there.