Don't-Miss iPods Stories

PatternMusic for iPhone

This music app may not satisfy some serious musicians, but PatternMusic still provides an engaging experience for creating your own sounds and loops.

Battle for Vesta for iPhone

Battle for Vesta from Insight Industries is a first-person 3D space combat game with smooth gameplay but little frills. You pilot your spacecraft while mining for crystals, avoiding asteroids, and fighting off enemy spacecraft in a sci-fi adventure not yet seen on the iPhone.

FoodFinder for iPhone

This free app uses the location features of your iPhone or iPod touch to find nearby eateries. FoodFinder does what it promises, but it doesn't promise very much. And the information it does provides comes with very little context.

Stone Wars for iPhone

It’s obvious that developer Epic Force put a lot of time and effort into developing arcade platformer Stone Wars, but that might be its biggest problem: There is just too much going on here.

Alarm Clock Pro and Alarm Clock Free for iPhone

Both the paid and free version of iHandySoft's Alarm Clock application join the ranks of similar offerings in the App Store. Both are fairly decent utilities, but they lack compelling bells and whistles to make them stand out from the crowd.

Waveboard for iPhone

This app, which accesses Google Wave, isn't much different than accessing the collaboration service through the mobile browser on your iPhone or iPod touch. But the recent addition of push notifications is a step in the right direction.

Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear for iPhone

If you’re a fan of "match-three" puzzles and/or “hidden object” puzzles, Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear will provide you with many hours of entertainment.

Tunebug Vibe

The Vibe provides an innovative way to listen to the music on your portable devices out loud. Its small size makes it extremely portable, and if you have it on the right surface, the sound is nothing to sneeze at.

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone

With the addition of 3G support, SlingPlayer Mobile has suddenly become much more useful.

Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club for iPhone

In Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club by Maxmars, you join the game's title characters as they help the police solve a murder mystery. You'll need skills, but not your typical detective skills.

Chromixa for iPhone

Chromixa is a puzzle game with a twist: though you manipulate basic shapes and colors to create a bigger shape in a particular hue, you can’t rely on the color mixing rules from your grade school art classes.

Grocery Pal for iPhone

A feature that incorporates browsable versions of supermarket sales circulars into this shopping list app will surely appeal to coupon clippers. But despite some signs of promise, Grocery Pal needs dramatic improvements to its search capabilities.

iWeather Complete Pro for iPhone

If you like lots of weather information packed tightly into a single screen, then either iWeather Complete Pro or the free iWeather Complete is worth a look. But both versions require you to put up with clutter in the name of completeness.