Don't-Miss iPods Stories

Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber for the iPhone

Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber is the first chapter of a seven-chapter puzzle game. You are Hector (the Spectre Detector), and your mission is to collect souls while avoiding zombies, skeletons, broken floors, and lava.

Photo Brush for iPhone

This $1 photo-editing app is fun to play with, and it can produce some interesting results with its various brushes and effects.

Mental Case Flashcards for iPhone

This flashcard app provides an extensive set of features with a nice interface. The learning curve is a bit steep, though, and users just looking for an app to help them study for a simple test may find those features to border on the verge of overkill.

Snow Moto Racing for iPhone

Resolution Interactive succeeds in creating a unique racing game in Snow Moto Racing. This arcade game puts you in the seat of a snowmobile to race against seven computer-controlled opponents across six snow covered tracks.

PhotoSpeak for iPhone

This novelty photo editor offers simple, fun concept -- adding basic animation and audio to your images -- that delivers surprisingly impressive results.

Dictator Defense for iPhone

There are really only two things any prospective buyer needs to know about Digital Chocolate’s latest game for the iPhone and iPod touch. First: Dictator Defense is a simple, easy-to-learn variation on the fortress defense game. Second: Dictator Defense is extremely addictive.

AutoPark for iPhone

If you park in timed spots with any frequency, know this: AutoPark looks great, works elegantly, and incorporates enough clever extra niceties to deserve a spot on your mobile device.

SpinArt for iPhone

SpinArt offers all the fun of the original childhood art project, but none of the messy paint or frustration of cutting the perfectly sized paper squares to fit on the spinner.

Spank A Monkey for iPhone

Spank A Monkey stars Sugar, the monkey. The game's objective is to make Sugar happy by following her four simple commands: lift, shake, pinch, or spank. Do so enough times in sequence without error and you earn a banana and advance to the next level where it is more of the same.

Auditorium for iPhone

If you enjoy a good brainteaser and have spent an evening or two at the symphony, Auditorium is the high culture iPhone game you’ve been looking for.

Ceville for iPhone

Ceville for the iPhone, a take-off of the award-winning PC game by the same name, is a point-and-click arcade-style game in which the player tries to hit as many enemies as possible in a given amount of time.

NBC Olympics on AT&T for iPhone

For anyone not making the trek up to Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, this app is a fine companion for NBC's television coverage of the sporting spectacle.

Interactive Cocktail Entertainment for iPhone

This decidedly adult game offers a clever way to test your memory with an app that makes excellent use of the unique features of the iPhone and iPod touch. And it's also more fun than it has any right to be.