Don't-Miss Apps Stories

KeyRemap4MacBook 7.3.0

KeyRemap4MacBook implies that it only remaps keys for MacBooks, but the truth is that it remaps keys for all Macs. Contained in a rough, spartan interface is a wealth of key remapping power.

iCal 5 gets a Lion makeover

iCal, Appleā€™s built-in calendar application, sees some big changes in Lion. Many of the visual tweaks are borrowed from the Calendar iOS app on the iPad, with a focus on giving you making appointments easier to view, and in some cases giving you more room in which to view them. As a whole, iCal 5 is a worthy evolutionary step.

ClipList 1.0.3

ClipList is a simple and straightforward utility that can capture multiple copy or cut commands, and save them in a drop-down list that's accessible through a menu bar item.

Video Monkey 0.10

There are many applications out there that can convert various types of video into formats that are friendly to iTunes and the iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Apple TV. Of those, there's an interesting subset--including Chris Marrin's Video Monkey 0.10--that can not only encode files, but also tag them with TV show or movie metadata at the same time. Or, they can simply fill in or update tag information without additional encoding.

Lion: The Complete Macworld Review

Combine the influx of new Mac users with Apple's development of iOS, and you get Lion, the most significant upgrade to OS X since its debut more than ten years ago. Can one OS please both Mac vets and novices? Jason Snell has the review.

Social Clipboard 1.4

Social Clipboard is a sort of super clipboard that allows you to post copied text, photos and HTML code to Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox.

Time Tracker 1.3.13

Time Tracker, a utility developed by Aaron VonderHaar, offers a highly customizable yet easy to use solution for anyone looking to track their time spent on the computer.

Per Se 1.0

Per Se does its best to approximate on the Mac the old school pulp and ink journaling experience, while adding in some very cool features that could only exist in a digital notebook.

Batch Docx Converter 1.31

If you have several .docs files you need to convert to an older Word format, Batch Docx Converter can help.

MiStat 1.1

Why is your Mac--or your Mac's Internet connection--running slow? Which programs are gobbling up RAM, hogging the CPU, or sucking up all your bandwidth? MiStat can help you keep tabs on precisely what your machine is doing.

Usher 1.1.3

You've got iTunes to organize your music and iPhoto to organize your pictures. But what about your videos? ManyTricks's Usher attempts to bring your movies, TV shows, home videos, and more under one roof, undivided, with browsing and metadata for all.

CloudPull 1.4.1

ClouldPull is a utility for users of Google services, such as Docs and Calendar. The software helps retrieve that data from the cloud.

Tags 2.0.2

Tags allows you to associate keywords to anything and everything on your Mac.