Don't-Miss Apps Stories

TapeDeck 1.4

TapeDeck streamlines the process of making and organizing audio recordings. And does so with a user interface that will bring a smile to those of us who used an actual cassette deck back in the day.

Notificant 1.0.2

Notificant is a nifty combination of a Mac app, an iOS app, and a Web service that lets you set a reminder once and have it appear on all your devices. It's also a useful tool for quickly sending URLs and other bits of text between devices.

Palua 1.0

Palua is a simple utility that lets you toggle F-key functionality on the fly.

Ghostery 1.0.0

Most Web sites track your activity; many provide that information to advertisers and other companies. Ghostery not only lets you track the trackers, but also lets you selectively block that tracking.

Isolator 4.4

Isolator helps you focus on the current application.

Promising Prospect: HazeOver 1.1

HazeOver automatically fades everything but the active window, letting you better focus on the task at hand.

Capster 1.6.5

Capster, a Growl plug-in, notifies you of unintentional caps-lock presses.

App Store Favorites: Utilities

The App Store is the perfect place to find utilities--those little bits of software that make your computing life a little easier. Here are eight of our personal faves.

CmdVees 1.0.6

CmdVees doesn't have nearly as many features as the more-advanced multiple-clipboard utilities out there, but for its more-focused goal of letting you store and quickly paste multiple recent snippets of text sequentially, it's in some ways more appealing.

Bento 4

The latest version of Filemaker's consumer-level database, Bento 4, rescues Bento from being a kind of cute but impractical boutique application. It now offers over 250 label templates and new ways to export templates that contain data.

Arrange 1.3.2

Arrange combines some of the popular features of other window-management utilities in one convenient package.

Promising Prospect: MailTabs for

MailTabs for, currently in beta, brings Web-browser-like tabs to OS X's Mail app.

King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human Redux

This game is a fitting tribute that will reward King's Quest fans and expose younger gamers to an adventure classic.