Don't-Miss Apps Stories

Moom 1.1

Moom is a nifty utility that repurposes OS X's little green "zoom" button to let you quickly resize and reposition windows. As long as its preset window arrangements are enough for you, Moom is mighty appealing.

Airfoil for Mac 4.0.2

The latest version of Airfoil remains a solid audio utility. It's a very clever and affordable way to stream your all of your Mac’s audio throughout your home and to your iOS devices.

Flare 1.0

Flare offers a simple, iPhone-inspired interface that makes it easy for novice photo editors to add fun, stylized color effects and borders without requiring a trip to a more complicated program like Photoshop.

MsgFiler 3.0.1

MsgFiler is the fastest way to move, copy, and label messages in Mail. It also offers useful features for navigating and managing mailboxes.

First Look: Firefox 4 Web browser

For years, Firefox has trundled along at the back of the browser pack, a beast of burden laden with fancy features but lacking speed. Not anymore.

TextWrangler 3.5.3

TextWrangler is an excellent text editor for anyone who needs to work with large amounts of text, text in large numbers of files, or both. It makes manipulating text a breeze, and its price just can’t be beat.

Time Out Free 1.5.7

TimeOut forces you to take regular computing breaks, making you snap out of your computer daze by gently fading your screen at regular intervals.

Twitter for Mac 2.0.2

Some will never take to Twitter for Mac's obvious and dramatic iOS influences. But while Twitter's look and feel felt foreign at first, in many ways they're a look at the Mac OS X future.

TimeTable 2.0.2

TimeTable extracts your billable hours from iCal events and calculates your fees for invoicing.

Bowtie 1.3.1

If you want a simple, free tool to control iTunes playback, Bowtie will do the trick.

DropCopy 1.6.8

If you want an easy way to transfer files across your local network, DropCopy makes it drag-and-drop simple.

Kiwi 2.0.2

Twitter apps look and function similarly, but each offers its own take on the best way to present (and compose) 140-character missives. YourHead Software's take, better known as Kiwi, is worth a look.

Sleepytime 1.1.2

Sleepytime is a simple application that makes it easy to go to sleep to, or wake up to, iTunes music playback.