Don't-Miss MacBook Stories

Knomo Stirling laptop bag

The Stirling messenger bag from Knomo is the perfect compromise between having a small lightweight solution for carrying your laptop and little else, and needing the space and bulk to carry all your daily essentials.

RunCore Pro IV SSD for MacBook Air

RunCore's Pro IV solid-state drive for the MacBook Air claims to offer major performance gains. We installed this pricey upgrade to find out.

Speedmark 6

The Macworld Lab has been hard at work tweaking Speedmark, our overall system performance testing tool, to better accommodate Snow Leopard and to test the Macs on which it runs.

Jitouch adds new gestures to Multi-Touch trackpads

Jitouch is a simple program that adds eight new sets of gestures to the Multi-Touch trackpads on recent Apple portables.

13-inch MacBook/2.26GHz (Late 2009)

In bringing the unibody treatment to the white MacBook, Apple has added many pro features while removing FireWire and the infrared port.

13-inch MacBook/2.26GHz

In its first major remodeling since 2006, the polycarbonate MacBook has gained many of the marquee features of the 13-inch Mac Book Pro, including a unibody design, a glass trackpad, and an LED-backlit display.

MacBook (Late 2009) benchmarks

Macworld Lab has received the new MacBook and has been hard at work, putting it to the test. And while we don’t have Speedmark 6 finalized just yet, we do have some MacBook benchmark results we’d like to share.

Knomo Prague laptop bag

Knomo's Prague is a slick, designer laptop bag for urban commuters.

LittleSnapper shines at screenshot management

LittleSnapper is a handy utility for taking screenshots, but it really shines at managing them. It's like iPhoto for screenshots.

Bluelounge CableDrop

Tired of losing your unconnected cables behind your desk, or trying to keep track of which cable goes where? Bluelounge's CableDrops may be the solution.

MacBook Air (Mid 2009)

If light weight and small size are you top considerations, the MacBook Air is the laptop for you. The new models aren’t much faster than their predecessors—in fact, the high-end system is slower than the previous model—but they’re cheaper.

MacBook Air/2.13GHz

Apple's ultrathin laptop line continues to drop in price. The high-end MacBook Air costs $700 less than its predecessor, and this model features a faster processor. The high-end configuration continues to offer a solid-state drive for storage.

MacBook Air/1.86GHz

The latest changes to Apple's laptop line brings a massive price cut to the MacBook Air. A 1.86GHz model used to cost you $2,499 -- this one costs $1,000 less (and $300 off the old entry-level price), though this configuration features a Serial ATA hard drive and not the solid-state drive of the older model.

MacBook Pros (13-inch, Mid 2009)

With its lower price, the return of FireWire (woo-hoo!), longer battery life, better looking display and a new built-in SD Card slot that you can boot from, the newest member of the MacBook Pro makes an impressive debut.

13-inch MacBook Pro/2.53GHz

In overhauling its laptop lineup in June 2009, Apple created a pair of 13-inch MacBook Pro models that not only sport the unibody enclosure introduced the previous fall but also adapt the 17-inch MacBook Pro's lithium-polymer battery. A FireWire port also returns. This model features twice the RAM and more storage than its 13-inch counterpart.