Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Gems I’m thankful for

Sometimes we take for granted the little things that make our Mac-using lives easier. On this Thanksgiving holiday (here in the U.S., at least), Dan Frakes gives props to the Mac Gems he uses every day.

CookieThief syncs cookies between Safari and Camino

CookieThief is a simple utility that lets you sync Website cookies between the Safari and Camino browsers.

MacScan 2.7

Although most iPhone users seem satisfied with the smorgasbord of applications delivered by Apple's iPhone App Store, power users yearn for more. Copy and paste...

iPhone ringtone roundup

John Brandon checks out four iPhone ringtone makers and reports on the good, the bad, and the noisy.

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4

Once you set it up, The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4 will do the job for syncing a variety of types of data from a Windows Mobile 4 smartphone with your Mac.

Mad Skills Motocross

Mad Skills Motocross is an addictive, fast-paced, and entertaining side-scrolling motocross racing game. 40 tracks spread across five levels provide tons of play time, and a track editor and time challenge mode make the fun last even longer.

iScrapbook 2.1

Scrapbooking program offers high-quality design, easy layouts, and a seemingly unlimited supply of inspiration.

Curio Professional 6

Curio is a single application for note taking, outlining, mind mapping, project management, charting, drawing, presenting, and more.

SneakPeek Pro enhances previews of graphics and publishing files

SneakPeek Pro enhances Mac OS X's Quick Look feature by adding support for a number of graphics and publishing files. It also provides much more information about those files within Quick Look previews.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is one of the better MMORPGs we've played for the Mac.

SyncMate Expert 2.4

Sync your Mac to multiple devices, including Windows Mobile.

SimplyDisk simplifies custom disk-image creation

SimplyDisk is an easy-to-use utility for creating custom disk images and discs for distributing software and other content.

QuickBooks 2010

There is much to be pleased about in Intuit’s QuickBooks 2010 and, unfortunately, still quite a bit to be disappointed with as well.