Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Speedmark 6

The Macworld Lab has been hard at work tweaking Speedmark, our overall system performance testing tool, to better accommodate Snow Leopard and to test the Macs on which it runs.

Bombia Design The Invoice Machine

Simple to manage and easy to use, The Invoice Machine is a good web-based invoice application for very small businesses.

Studio One Pro 1.0.1

New kid on the block: StudioOne is a powerful new music creation and production app that rivals Apple and Avid offerings.

Delibar makes Delicious bookmarking easy and attractive

Delibar improves greatly on the experience of sharing, accessing, and creating bookmarks for the popular Delicious bookmarking service.

Google Picasa 3.5

When it comes to organizing, editing, and sharing photos, most Mac users know iPhoto. But Google offers Picasa, a free photo editing and sharing app that rivals iPhoto ‘09.

Acorn 2.1

Acorn 2.1 is a great app for digital photography hobbyists, bloggers, or anyone who needs a decent amount of flexibility in editing images but doesn't require the power of a full image editor.

Video: Up close with the Magic Mouse

In this video, Roman Loyola takes a close look at Apple new Magic Mouse and its Multi-Touch gestures.

VHS capture tools compared

If you have a box of VHS slowly deteriorating in the basement, use these tools to convert them.

SMART Utility monitors your hard drives' health

SMART Utility monitors the SMART status of your internal hard drives, warning you if any of them is showing signs of drive failure.

MetaLab Ballpark

Ballpark is a simple, Web-based estimate and billing application that allows you to manage estimates, bills, and payments from the Web.

ScreenFlow 2

ScreenFlow 2 adds transitions, audio ducking, clip playback speed adjustment, and more to the screen recording and editing suite.

BusyMac BusyCal 1.0

If you’ve been frustrated by iCal’s limitations or are looking for a scheduling program with a little more oomph, BusyMac’s BusyCal may be just what you need.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

Adobe's low-cost image editor features some interesting new tools and lots of small changes that add up to top-notch program.