Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Scrabble Plus

Scrabble fanatics will enjoy Scrabble Plus. If anything, it’ll at least save some wear and tear on your actual Scrabble set.

Dictionary Cleaner lets you edit your spell-check dictionaries

Dictionary Cleaner is a System Preferences pane that lets you edit Mac OS X's custom spell-checking dictionaries.

Logic Express 9

Logic Express 9 packs a load of features into a mid-priced digital audio workstation application. As such it may be today's best musical bargain, albeit a sometimes challenging one.

Toon Boom Studio 5

Toon Boom Studio 5's stop-motion feature, annotation layers, and export functions make this not just a fun program to use, but one rich in sophisticated features.

Notify makes it easier to keep an eye on Gmail

Notify sits in your menu bar and monitors your Gmail accounts for new messages.

CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac Pro 8

CrossOver Mac Pro 8.0 is an application that runs a virtual environment so you can run Windows applications on your Mac.

Bevy brings a unique view to application launching

Bevy offers an interesting—and, at times, fun—way to access your applications: via a wall of icons that pops up on your command.

Pagehand 1.0

Basic word processor features an elegant user interface.

App Store Expense Monitor tracks your iPhone-app spending

WetFish Software's App Store Expense Monitor makes it easy to get an estimate of how much you've spent on iPhone apps.

BurgerTime Deluxe for Mac

This recreation of the old-school arcade game makes for some nostalgic fun... until you notice that Namco is charging twice as much for the Mac edition as it does for the Windows version of BurgerTime Deluxe.

USB Overdrive lets you control your input devices

USB Overdrive 3 provides Snow Leopard (as well as Tiger and Leopard) users with customizable, system-level mouse and keyboard control without slowing down your system.

Readability makes Web pages more readable

Readability is a browser tool that lets you quickly reformat cluttered Web pages for easier reading.

Bento 3

New features like iPhoto integration, database security, and database sharing make Bento a versatile database for the small office and small business owner.