Don't-Miss Macs Stories

iPhoto2Twitter lets you share iPhoto images via Twitter

If you use iPhoto and Twitter, iPhoto2Twitter may be the perfect match for you.

Docks gives you more Docks

The aptly named Docks lets you configure multiple Docks and easily switch between them.

Gorilla 4.5.5 (Pro Edition)

Gorilla is a deep and comprehensive set of tools designed to help you plan and execute the logistics of a video or film shoot. It’s targeted to independent productions from student projects to million-dollar features, as well as commercial and corporate video projects.

iBiz 4.0

iBiz 4.0.1 offers very good, client-focused tools for tracking and billing the time you spend on your projects.

Bluetoggle lets you toggle Bluetooth status

Bluetoggle lets you quickly toggle Bluetooth status -- and the Bluetooth menu extra -- on and off using a keyboard shortcut.

Tweetie for Mac brings excellent iPhone app to the desktop

Tweetie was one of the first popular iPhone clients for Twitter to make the jump back to the Mac. The Mac version has many strengths, including support for multiple accounts and multimedia, but it also has its fair share of quirks.

Evernote 1.4

Evernote 1.4 is a versatile tool for capturing a wide variety of information and syncing that information among a variety of platforms.

Snap Art 2

Some photographs would really look better as paintings. But for those who are not artistically inclined with a brush and palette, there’s Alien Skin’s Snap Art 2. This Photoshop plug-in is a one-click wonder that instantly transforms a mundane (or even great) photo into a unique work of art.

Xmenu lets you access files from the menu bar

If you're looking to free up some room in your Dock, XMenu gives you menu-bar access to frequently-used files and folders.

Firefox 3.5

Firefox has evolved into a beautiful, polished program that’s a pleasure to use. Check out version 3.5.

Meerkat digs SSH tunnels

Meerkat takes some of the pain out of creating SSH tunnels, making it easier to make secure connections between computers.

SpamSweep 1.6.1

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use antispam program, and don’t mind using two applications to handle your e-mail, SpamSweep 1.6.1 is a reasonable alternative. If you prefer a more integrated approach or you’d like more control over the filters used to sort your e-mail, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Power Manager gives you more control over your Mac's schedule

Power Manager gives you many more options than Energy Saver for controlling when your Mac is awake, asleep, or shut down. It also lets you schedule actions such as logging out and switching to the login screen.