Don't-Miss Macs Stories

ScreenSharingMenulet makes quick work of Screen Sharing

ScreenSharingMenulet gives you an easy-access menu for initiating Screen Sharing connections.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is arguably the best of the Harry Potter game series to date.

Motion 4

in Motion 4, Apple continues to enhance the realism of motion graphics with new rendering capabilities to simulate shadows, reflections, and depth of field.

Soundtrack Pro 3

From a videographer's standpoint, the new version of Soundtrack Pro constitutes a worthy upgrade. A large number of significantly more efficient features get the same work done faster and better.

Color 1.5

Color has reached a very workable threshold where most projects, most of the time, can be round tripped successfully between Final Cut Pro 7 and Color 1.5. Still graphics, speed effects, multicam clips, and other common elements no longer translate incorrectly between Final Cut and Color, a very noteworthy improvement.

Compressor 3.5

Compressor, the video compression uis now more powerful and easier to use–a win-win proposition

Final Cut Pro 7

With Final Cut Pro 7, Apple started with an already excellent market-leading video editing tool and takes it further with significant improvements that will benefit editors doing realistic day-to-day tasks, and enable them to get better work done even faster.

WhatsOpen helps you eject stubborn volumes

WhatsOpen helps you figure out why disks and other volumes won't eject.

Together 2.2

Together makes a fine home for all your digital bits and pieces.

SpamX 4.0

While SpamX remains unparalleled at reporting spammers to their ISPs, and offers a very effective spam filtering solution, all of the problems we noted with version 3 remain with version 4.

Review: Simplify Music 2 for iPhone

Simplify Music 2 for iPhone, the second version of the media streaming software, has added a few new features, but perhaps not enough to be a compelling upgrade for users of the original program.

Flickery makes uploading photos to Flickr easy

Many otherwise-happy Flickr users dislike the Web site's image uploader. Flickery offers a desktop-app alternative with a Mac-like interface and a good set of features.

Purify 2.1

Purify is a so-called pass-through spam filter that scans and categorizes your e-mail as it arrives—it doesn’t actually trap or block spam, but codes it so that you can then handle it as you wish with your e-mail client of choice.