Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2009 Deluxe Edition

Mavis Beacon's beautiful interface, iTunes integration, spot-on lessons and engaging practice material are perfect for learning how to type.


A complex and genre-defying masterpiece, Braid is a difficult game to label and even more difficult to beat.

BackupLoupe 1.4

BackupLoupe lets you browse your Time Machine backups, showing you exactly what was backed up, and how much data was copied, at each event.

VoodooPad Pro 4.1

VoodooPad Pro is an excellent tool for collecting, storing, and linking information. The program's ability to intelligently create links to other pages in your document makes it easy to cross-reference information that you've already collected.

Cameras 1.0.1

Mac OS X lets you choose what happens when you connect a digital camera. Cameras, an outstanding OS X add-on, improves on this feature by letting you choose a different setting for each camera, as well as for each memory-card reader, iPhone, and other photo device. It also provides a useful option for automatically downloading images from any photo device to your hard drive.

Personal Antispam X5

Intego's Personal Antispam X5 10.5.2 is a solid anti-spam program, as long as you're using Mail or Entourage (the program supports both POP and IMAP protocols, but only in those two applications).

SpamSieve 2.7

If you're looking for the best Mac-based anti-spam solution, look no further than C-Command's SpamSieve 2.7. The program's filtering is highly accurate, it's relatively simple to install, and it's amazingly easy to use, particularly with Apple Mail.

Lego Batman: The Videogame

Kids will still be drawn to Lego Batman's many character cameos, mixing of Lego and Batman worlds, and silly humor.

Final Draft AV 2.5

For years, documentary-style film and video makers have struggled to use jury-rigged tables within word processing programs to create the unique two-column scripts needed for planning documentaries, commercials, and corporate videos. Final Draft AV 2.5.2 aims to put a smile on those creative faces by taking over such time-consuming formatting duties so that filmmakers can focus their time where it matters—on content.

Final Draft 8

Final Draft 8 is simpler than ever for beginning users; subtle feature fixes, bountiful script templates, and top-notch support for the production rewrite process ensure that an aspiring A-list writer won’t quickly outgrow the software.

Plex media center software competes with Front Row

If you have an even moderately large media library and like the idea of having everything neatly catalogued and readily available at the press of a button, or if you simply like watching high-definition movies, then you should try Plex.

EVE Online: Apocrypha

if you’re willing to invest the time and effort to get the most out of this incredibly deep and intricate game, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more rewarding experience.

ShoveBox 1.7

ShoveBox 1.7 provides a simple, intuitive way to organize a variety of information without becoming burdensome.