Don't-Miss Macs Stories

VideoDrive makes video file conversions easy

VideoDrive aims to make video conversions easy.

Caboodle 1.3

Caboodle 1.3 is less expensive than many rivals, but offers fewer features and less polish along with its lower price tag.

Tangerine creates iTunes playlists based on tempo

When you want to create iTunes playlists based on tempo or need to find the BPM of your songs, Tangerine makes the process incredibly fast and easy.

PulpMotion creates professional multimedia presentations

Aquafadas’s PulpMotion produces professional multimedia presentations that are anything but ordinary.

The Sims 3

Pushing escapism to new heights, The Sims 3 is an instant classic for anyone who's a fan of simulation games. The game doesn’t just allow for creativity, but imagination—something that is rare and laudatory in any form of entertainment.

Yojimbo 1.5

Yojimbo is essentially a digital junk drawer: a place for stashing the stuff you want to keep handy. If iPhoto is where you organize images and iTunes manages your music collection, Yojimbo aims to be the bucket where you keep everything that doesn’t fit cleanly into other organization tools.

Shape Collage turns a collection of photos into creative collages

Shape Collage turns a collection of photos into a collage of practically any shape, whether you’re going for a traditional design or something totally out there.

Web2 Delight lets you easily download videos from YouTube

As great as video sharing Web sites like YouTube are, they often don’t allow you to directly download the videos on their site. Web2 Delight doesn’t just make this possible; it makes the whole process positively painless.

Mellel 2.6

Do you outline your thank-you notes, number (and then renumber) the items on your shopping lists, or use footnotes in e-mail? Then Mellel is probably the word processor for you. Writers of long technical documents will love the control that Mellel offers over outlines, cross-references, footnotes, table of contents generation, figures, and more.

iLovePhotos uses face detection to sort photos

You’ve probably heard about the Faces feature in iPhoto ‘09 that makes it quick and easy to find all photos of a particular someone in your iPhoto library. But if you don’t have iPhoto ‘09, iLovePhotos can give you a similar result for free.

ViewIt helps sort your camera's photos

With ViewIt, you can simply drop your camera’s photos onto the ViewIt window, view and mark what’s good with just a key press, and copy only those images to your Mac.

Sumo Paint: Photoshop-like Web-based image editor

For image editing, Sumo Paint offers many Photoshop standbys. And best of all, this Web-based application is free.

PhotoPresenter helps make creative slideshows

Rife as Mac OS X already is with slide-show capabilities, PhotoPresenter builds onto those and puts many more options and styles at your fingertips.