Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Photo Wrangler makes it easy to quickly scan through a folder of photos

Photo Wrangler makes it easy to quickly scan through a folder of photos and sort them into separate folders.

RooSwitch: Application-based user switching

Instead of logging in and out of different user accounts on your Mac, rooSwitch lets you switch users for only one app at a time by switching what rooSwitch calls Profiles.

Studiometry 6.1

Studiometry 6.1.7 is a sensible business choice because it combines some low-level accounting features with contact and project management characteristics.

Yum: no-frills recipe manager

Yum 3.0.7 is a solid, no-frills recipe manager, but its lack of some key features may have you looking for a more elegant program in the same price range.

iMovieLocationEditor helps edit iMovie's locations

If you want to use the same custom location several times in iMovie '09, you can use iMovieLocationEditor to edits iMovie’s locations.

TimeTable tracks time spent in meetings, events

If you tend to put all your events, appointments, and client meetings in iCal, TimeTable can help you figure out exactly how much time you’ve spent on each task

Tweetube helps you share video on Twitter

Tweetube is a complementary app to the third-party service of the same name that allows you share a variety of media on Twitter.

Precipitate: Search Google Docs using Spotlight

Precipitate is a System Preference pane that lets Spotlight search your Google Docs, Google Bookmarks, and Picasa online photo albums.

Monitor puts regularly visited Web sites within reach

Monitor is a small and lightweight freeware application that seeks to put these regularly visited Web sites within easier reach.

Mini$: Easy-to-use personal finance software

Full-featured accounting programs like QuickBooks can seem overwhelming and complicated. For non-CPAs with simple accounting needs, the minimalist Mini$ is an easy way to keep track of finances on your Mac.

Warranty Hero helps track product warranties

This simple program aims to fix the problem of lost or forgotten warranties by providing you with an easy way to keep a record of purchases and warranty data.

MacGourmet organizes and helps find new recipes

If you work extensively at cooking or event planning, or you’re just intensely organized and interested in exploring the subject, MacGourmet should be in your shopping cart.

Fseventer tracks changes on your hard drive

Have you ever wondered what a non-Apple software installer actually installs? Or what files a particular program is actually creating or modifying when it’s churning away? Fseventer is a clever tool that can help you solve these mysteries.