Don't-Miss Macs Stories

ShrinkIt shrinks your PDFs

ShrinkIt is a free utility that uses OS X's built-in PDF-processing functionality to reduce the size of many PDF files with no loss in quality.

Now X

Now X, once the standard for Mac contact management and calendaring, is a program that doesn't rise anywhere near the level of its predecessor.

ArtRage Studio Pro 3

ArtRage Studio Pro 3.0.5 does an excellent job of recreating the subtle nuances of natural media on a digital canvas.

BashFlash handles misbehaving Flash

BashFlash is a nice complement to ClickToFlash, letting you monitor excessive Flash CPU usage and kill the Flash plug-in without affecting Safari.

PrintMaster Platinum 2.0

Consumer oriented art program lets you create many kinds of commonplace documents from greeting cards to calendars.

Dragon Age: Origins

You’ll spend a lot of time in Dragon Age: Origins covered in blood. The game is morbid and a bit humorous, but this fantasy role playing game is a a major step forward for the genre.

Freedom locks down the Internet so you can work

If you've ever found the Internet to be a bane to your productivity, Freedom can help. This utility lets you temporarily block Internet access so you can get some work done.

MailTones for iPhone

Most users who utilize -- or at the very least monitor -- their e-mail on the iPhone or iPod touch will likely find this audio e-mail notification app quite useful.

Google Email Uploader gets your old e-mail into Gmail

Google Email Uploader, a free, open-source utility, lets you easily upload your desktop e-mail messages to a Google Apps-hosted Gmail account.

Reason 4.0

Changes in Propellerhead's Reason 4.0 are subtle. There's a new synthesizer, arpeggiator, “groove” editing, and other improvements.

Tinderbox 5.0.1

Thomas Jefferson, a compulsive note-taker, would have loved Eastgate System’s Tinderbox, an innovative and endlessly versatile tool for recording, cataloging, and sharing notes.

Parallels 5 (build 9308)

Parallels 5 is a feature-rich and speedy virtualization solution that does an excellent job with DirectX and OpenGL video acceleration.

Fusion 3.0.1

VMware's Fusion 3.0.1 adds many new features, including a full-screen toolbar, improved DirectX support, 64-bit native core, and a modestly revised interface to what was already a very good virtualization solution.

First look: Boxee beta

Boxee is now available to all and sports a new interface. Here are the details.

More Gems I’m thankful for

Some Gems become such an integral part of your Mac’s day-to-day operation that you take them for granted. Dan Frakes revisits his Thanksgiving-day column to cover more Gems he’s thankful for.