Don't-Miss Macs Stories

Parallels 5 (build 9308)

Parallels 5 is a feature-rich and speedy virtualization solution that does an excellent job with DirectX and OpenGL video acceleration.

Fusion 3.0.1

VMware's Fusion 3.0.1 adds many new features, including a full-screen toolbar, improved DirectX support, 64-bit native core, and a modestly revised interface to what was already a very good virtualization solution.

First look: Boxee beta

Boxee is now available to all and sports a new interface. Here are the details.

More Gems I’m thankful for

Some Gems become such an integral part of your Mac’s day-to-day operation that you take them for granted. Dan Frakes revisits his Thanksgiving-day column to cover more Gems he’s thankful for.

Ulysses 2.0

The Soulmen’s Ulysses 2.0.4 writing app is dense, complex, and well-designed.

Password Assistant exposes OS X’s built-in password generator

If you'd like to use OS X's built-in password generator to create secure passwords for Websites, online accounts, and disk images, Password Assistant provides easy access.

iPod extraction tool roundup

If you lose your iTunes library and need to copy files off your iPod and back onto your Mac, iTunes can't help you. But these 10 utilities can.

SpaceControl keeps an eye on your available disk space

SpaceControl watches your hard drives and notifies you when they're getting full.

Record 1.0

If you're looking for software that’s focused on recording and processing audio, Record should be on the top of your list to consider.

MiniUsage lets you monitor your Mac's activity

MiniUsage provides a useful systemwide menu for monitoring CPU usage, network throughput, and battery life.

LaunchCodes brings back 10.5-style document opening

LaunchCodes forces Snow Leopard to respect creator codes on documents you create so they open in the application that created them.

GoodNight sleeps your Mac after downloads

GoodNight can put your Mac to sleep when your download, or other network activity, is done.

Chronos SOHO Organizer 8

Better integration with online e-mail servers and obvious iPhone sync features would have made SOHO Organizer 8 much more attractive as a personal information organizer.