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Bioshock was the breakout first person shooter of 2007 and has become arguably the most anticipated port to come to the Mac platform this year.

Mac Gems of the Year (2009)

It's the season of awards at Macworld, and in this installment of Mac Gems, Dan Frakes names the Gems of the Year.

MacSpeech Dictate International 1.5

MacSpeech Dictate International is quite efficient for basic dictation. After you get used to the quirks in editing and training, and learn to edit your dictation frequently, it can be very useful.

iMedia Browser makes accessing your media easy

Karelia's iMedia Browser gives you an iLife-style media browser across all your programs.

DoorStop X Security Suite 2.3

DoorStop X Security Suite is a collection of three tools designed to leverage your Mac’s built-in firewall, help you understand how others are trying to access your computer, and to help you understand how to keep your Mac secure.

ShareTool extends Bonjour over the 'net

ShareTool lets you securely share, over the Internet, all the services on a particular computer, as well as all the services that computer can reach on its local network.

PDFpen 4.5

PDFpen allows you to edit text in PDFs, insert images and make their backgrounds transparent, choose to print or not print notes and comments, highlight in multiple colors, and even do OCR on scanned PDFs.

SymbolicLinker takes the hassle out of symlinking

SymbolicLinker enhances the Finder's contextual menus, making it simple to create Unix symbolic links.

More financial news apps for iPhone

Financial news apps from and Yahoo both have some worthwhile features for market watchers. But the standout app is FT Mobile, particularly if you're willing to pay for a premium membership with the financial newspaper's online site.

EmWave Mac Stress Relief System

The emWave Mac Stress Relief System is a real-time biofeedback Mac program designed to be used as a stress-reduction and stress-management tool.

iRemember 2.5

We review iRemember 2.5.1, a digital scrapbooking app that gives you the basics, but without a lot of style or flair.

Gems I’m thankful for

Sometimes we take for granted the little things that make our Mac-using lives easier. On this Thanksgiving holiday (here in the U.S., at least), Dan Frakes gives props to the Mac Gems he uses every day.

CookieThief syncs cookies between Safari and Camino

CookieThief is a simple utility that lets you sync Website cookies between the Safari and Camino browsers.

MacScan 2.7

Although most iPhone users seem satisfied with the smorgasbord of applications delivered by Apple's iPhone App Store, power users yearn for more. Copy and paste...

iPhone ringtone roundup

John Brandon checks out four iPhone ringtone makers and reports on the good, the bad, and the noisy.