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Review roundup: E-book readers

The number of high-quality e-readers available is mushrooming. We tested seven and gave our highest marks to one that might surprise you.

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600

With the addition of ePub support, the Sony Reader Touch Edition shapes up as a formidable competitor to Amazon's Kindles.

Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300

The Sony Reader Pocket Edition delivers mainstream e-book features in a highly portable package at a great price.

Interead Cool-ER

From its aspirational brand name to its hip tinted metallic case, Interead's Cool-ER e-book reader clearly strives to distinguish itself from the black-and-gray competition

Foxit eSlick Reader

This e-book reader is curiously named because the e-book reader is decidedly unslick, with a utilitarian appearance that lacks the elegance of competing e-book readers.

Astak EZ Reader PocketPro

The Astak EZReader PocketPro has lots of great features for its price, but they don't make up for poor font options and subpar usability.

Amazon Kindle DX

Though the Kindle DX is an impressive e-book reader, its high price will likely turn off some prospective buyers.

Amazon Kindle (second generation)

While Amazon has made some successful enhancements to its e-book reader, other tweaks fall flat or miss the mark entirely.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime

Logitech's Pure-Fi Anytime alarm clock with iPod dock turns out to be pretty good at nearly all of its functions, even if there we have a few quibbles here and there.


If you want a good microphone for recording with an iPod, Blue's Mikey is worth considering. Christopher Breen takes a look at the latest dock-connector microphone on the market.

Dexim AV Dock Station with Remote Control

At $80, Dexim's AV Dock Station with Remote Control is a more affordable solution for remotely controlling an iPod or iPhone to a TV than anything Apple offers.

Philips Docking Entertainment System DCP851/37

While the DCP851 can serve as a decent external speaker system for your iPod, its video functions and design don't match those of its predecessor.

Review: DLO iBoom Home

DLO's iBoom Home is a compact alarm clock that offers solid audio and connectivity options, but falls down a bit on the alarm clock end of the deal.