Don't-Miss MP3 player accessory Stories

Power Support Silicone Jacket for iPhone 3G

Silicone skin

SwitchEasy Colors for iPhone 3G

Silicone skin

Speck Products SeeThru for iPod nano 4G

Hardshell case

Incipio Feather for iPhone 3G


Ivyskin XyloUno w/ SpyScreen


Incase Slider Case

Silicone skin

Uniea U-Suit Premium for iPod touch 1G


Case-Mate Carbon Fiber Leather


Griffin Reflect


iMuffs MB220

There's a lot to like about the iMuffs MB220 Bluetooth wireless headphones, such as easy setup and intuitive controls, but the sound quality disappoints.

Review: Boston Acoustics Duo-i iPod clock radio

If you've got room on your nightstand or desk, the chunky Duo-i is an impressive iPod clock radio.

Scosche Passport

If your older iPod accessory won't charge your new iPod or iPhone, Scosche's passport is a good alternative to replacing the entire system.

Review: iHome iP99

The iHome iP99 is a nice combination alarm clock and iPod speaker system that manages to offer a decent combination of features and performance in a compact package.

iPod case roundup: Get a grip on your iPod touch

The new iPod touch is going to be a popular present for the upcoming holiday season. If you’re planning on giving (or getting) a new iPod touch, invest a few dollars in a case It’ll protect it during everyday use. Here are a couple of silicone iPod touch cases that protect as well as add some grip.

Sena Dockable Case for iPhone 3G