Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Clearwire Clear Spot

Convenient Clear Spot travel router offers ease of setup and connects multiple devices via Wi-Fi.

BearExtender n3

Want to boost your Mac's wireless range? The BearExtender n3 does the trick, as long as you can work with a less than optimal software interface

Clearwire 4G USB Modem

The Clear 4G USB Modem is great if you're in a 4G coverage area; but if you live or travel in 3G service areas, you might be better off getting a dual-mode 3G/4G modem.

Buffalo Dualie

Buffalo’s Dualie is two things in one. It’s a dock for your iPhone or iPod and a dock for a portable 500GB hard drive.

Mac Gems of the Year (2009)

It's the season of awards at Macworld, and in this installment of Mac Gems, Dan Frakes names the Gems of the Year.

Kerio Mail Server 6.7

Kerio Mail Serveris an e-mail, calendaring, contact, and to-do server that runs on three versions of the Mac OS.

DoorStop X Security Suite 2.3

DoorStop X Security Suite is a collection of three tools designed to leverage your Mac’s built-in firewall, help you understand how others are trying to access your computer, and to help you understand how to keep your Mac secure.

ShareTool extends Bonjour over the 'net

ShareTool lets you securely share, over the Internet, all the services on a particular computer, as well as all the services that computer can reach on its local network.

Review: Mac OS X 10.6 Server

With the significant price cut, new features, and improvements to existing features, Mac OS X 10.6 Server is a solid product. For an all or mostly-Mac network, this isn’t an "if" upgrade, but a "when," especially if you have iPhone users clamoring for push services.

ScreenSharingMenulet makes quick work of Screen Sharing

ScreenSharingMenulet gives you an easy-access menu for initiating Screen Sharing connections.

Port Map: Simple port mapping for your router

If you occasionally want to access your home Mac from afar, whether it be to reach shared files, access a Web server, check in on a Web cam, or any other such purpose, Port Map is a free solution that can make the process simpler.

AirRadar surveys your wireless signals

Increasingly, the airwaves around us are a jungle of competing wireless signals. Koingo Software’s AirRadar not only helps cut through the clutter, but also provides useful information about your wireless signal of choice.

WakeOnLan 1.0

WakeOnLan lets you wake your sleeping desktop Mac from your laptop.

Time Capsule

Apple's latest Time Capsules are what any good networking and backup devices should be: easy to set up, manage, and forget about. If you're replacing an older base station and want to use Time Machine to back up multiple Macs, the new Time Capsule is well worth it.

AirPort Extreme Base Station

The 2009 version of the AirPort Extreme Base Station packs in a ton of features, as well as speed, into a small, reasonably priced package. If you’re looking to replace your current Wi-Fi router, you can’t go wrong with the AirPort Extreme. If you’re running a small business, the new guest network feature alone might be worth the $179 price tag.