Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Review: Teleport for iPhone

Teleport is an expensive but full-featured application to view and control other Macs and Windows machines on your network.

Review: Mocha VNC and Mocha VNC Lite for iPhone

Control the screen of networked Macs, Windows, and Linux machines on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Review: Final Cut Server 1.1

Final Cut Server is a client-server-based workflow tool that can potentially help you in three ways: in cataloging and searching assets, especially video-based assets; with version control through check-in and check-out capabilities and approval; and with automation capabilities to convert, copy, and execute scripts.

Review: MobileMe 1.0

MobileMe is a rebranded .Mac, but the service offers one stellar feature that may convince new people to subscribe. Some information can now be synchronized among devices as it changes.

Review: Sierra Wireless Compass 597 USB modem

The Sierra Wireless Compass 597 is the ultimate cellular data modem combo. The device folds high-speed data access and GPS service into a tiny USB cell modem and pairs it with new Mac OS X software that takes full advantage of the new hardware.

NoobProof 1.1 and WaterRoof 2.0

Mac OS X’s built-in firewall works well, but Apple offers very few options for configuration. Hanynet’s NoobProof and WaterRoof are utilities that provide just such customization.

Leech 1.1.2

Leech, an add-on for your Web browser, offers powerful features for downloading files.

Review: VPN Tracker 5.2

VPN Tracker 5.2, a versatile tool for those who need more than the standard VPN client, simplifies the creation and management of multiple virtual private network connections.

Little Snitch 2.0.3

A useful companion to Mac OS X's built-in firewall, Little Snitch alerts you when programs "phone home" and lets you control outgoing network connections.

Review: DroboShare

DroboShare is a companion product for Data Robotics' Drobo that let you share a Drobo's storage to other computers on the same network. Just as Drobo deftly shields the user from the technical details of RAID, DroboShare aims to keep things simple by eschewing the more complex—but more secure—granular access controls found in traditional Networked Attached Storage products.

Review: AirPort Express (802.11n) Base Station

If you don’t need the features unique to Apple’s AirPort Extreme Base Station, the new Express is an affordable and portable alternative with advantages of its own, although it doesn’t match the Extreme’s performance.

Review: Time Capsule Wi-Fi base station

Thanks to a timely software update, Apple's Time Capsule is an easy-to-use backup appliance that provides speedy wireless network access while keeping your data safe.


For voice chat users who spend a lot of time near a Mac (but not right in front of it), the DialogPhone provides more freedom and mobility than a Bluetooth headset.