Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Spamfire 2.3

Spamfire will certainly cut down on the amount of spam you receive, but SpamSieve does the job more easily and safely.

SpamSieve 2.6

SpamSieve 2.6 should be on the lips of all Mac users serious about ridding their computers of junk mail. It’s affordable, effective, easy to use, and as configurable as just about anyone needs a spam utility to be.

SpamX 3.0

SpamX 3.0.2 is far more difficult and unpleasant to use than any spam utility should be. A good manual and a decent interface would go a long way towards making SpamX an acceptable option for Mac users.

MailWasher Pro 1.1.3

Despite its many features, MailWasher Pro 1.1.3 is too difficult to set up and counterintuitive to use. In addition, there is no Universal version of the application.

Personal Antispam X4 10.4

Intego’s Personal Antispam X4 (10.4.2) provides ease of use and safety thanks to its built-in nature, and it’s also configurable enough that you can create complex rules for its black- and whitelists.

SpamSweep 1.5

SpamSweep 1.5.3 is a reasonable choice if you prefer an effective filter that doesn’t require much in the way of setup or maintenance. It’s not a good choice, however, if you want to get into the guts of your spam utility to configure its lists and filters.

AirPort Extreme Base Station

Apple's new AirPort Extreme Base Station may have been a long time coming, but it's worth the wait for anyone whose network needs either greater speed or longer distance. While cheaper 802.11n gateways are already on the market, none matches Apple's for features or ease of setup.

FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced

Anybody doing development work in FileMaker Pro 7 Developer, and anybody who skipped version 7, should upgrade to FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced as soon as possible. The usability enhancements in FileMaker Pro 8 are compelling enough to pique the interest of end-users, but the indirect benefits of FileMaker 8 may be even greater.

AirPort Express Elevation

Griffin's AirBase offers convenience you didn't know you needed.

Mac Gems

This month's featured products include Digital Hotspotter, Jiggler, RePorter and CLIX.

Apple Remote Desktop 2.1

Any administrator who has been in charge of multiple Macs knows the repetitive chore of installing and updating software. Add in the inevitable phone calls requesting help, and you quickly wish you could shorten the distance between users' computers and your chair.

LANsurveyor 8.1

Network administrators know that LANsurveyor is a useful tool for mapping, monitoring, and tracking inventory. Version 8.1 is a powerful program for managing a mid-size or smaller network, and it's well worth the upgrade price from the previous edition.

Airport Express

Apple has created a product that not only provides a highly functioning 802.11g base station in a portable shell, but also pushes into a new product category.