Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Mac Gems

This month's featured products include Digital Hotspotter, Jiggler, RePorter and CLIX.

Apple Remote Desktop 2.1

Any administrator who has been in charge of multiple Macs knows the repetitive chore of installing and updating software. Add in the inevitable phone calls requesting help, and you quickly wish you could shorten the distance between users' computers and your chair.

LANsurveyor 8.1

Network administrators know that LANsurveyor is a useful tool for mapping, monitoring, and tracking inventory. Version 8.1 is a powerful program for managing a mid-size or smaller network, and it's well worth the upgrade price from the previous edition.

Airport Express

Apple has created a product that not only provides a highly functioning 802.11g base station in a portable shell, but also pushes into a new product category.

eBeam System 3 BT

Luidia's eBeam System 3 BT is a whiteboard-capture device that uses Bluetooth technology to digitally record to your Mac what you write on an ordinary whiteboard.